house lights

the credits rolled
with room still dark
some stood and gathered their things
it was time
everyone knew
cell phones chirped
whispers turned to voices
as they walked past him to the door
yet he sat
awaiting the surprise
the easter egg outtakes in the credits
that were still to come
the theater emptied around him
and still he hoped
he longed for the epilogue
the true ending
that would change the course of the story just told
and as the soundtrack faded to scratches
and then to a projector’s hum
the house lights came on
and reality set in
as did the silence
it was over
of course, he had known for some time
yet still he hoped
and still he waited
but ‘twas not to be
expectations dwindled
potential faded
the story ended
the moment passed

still he sat
until the usher asked
are you ok?
can’t you see it’s over?
and he replied
yes, but what if…?
just in case…
i’d rather know disappointment than regret

he smiled and stood
turned and left the theater
and without regret
he walked away
surprisingly satisfied
knowing in his heart
he gave the story every chance to change its ending
even though the story had been written long ago
and he’d seen that film before


(c) 2008 robert r. cargill

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  1. Nice…Looking forward to more.

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