codex sinaiticus now available online

Codex Sinaiticus

Codex Sinaiticus

news reports announce that the multiple, geographically disparate sections of the oldest known complete bible, codex sinaiticus, have been digitized and have available to the public free of charge on one site:

sinaiticus is significant not only because of what it is (the oldest known copy of the bible), but because of what it contains: the complete hebrew bible (christian old testament) and the complete new testament along with ‘epistle of barnabas,’ and portions of ‘the shepherd of hermas.’ that is to say, the ‘bible’ used to contain other books that were later weeded out during the canonization process. yes, the ‘word of god’ (should you define that as the biblical canon) changed over time.

read more on sinaiticus. also read up on the epistle of barnabas and the shepherd of hermas.

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