The “Qumran Digital Model” Article in Near Eastern Archaeology Has Finally Arrived

Near Eastern Archaeology Vol. 72, No. 1

Near Eastern Archaeology Vol. 72, No. 1

my latest article entitled ‘the qumran digital model‘ has been published in the most recent volume (72/1) of in near eastern archaeology. it appears in the ‘forum’ section and is followed by a response by dr. jodi magness, my response to her response, and her response to my response (hence the name ‘forum’ ;- ). in the article, i summarize the problem of the archaeology of qumran and provide a solution to it, which draws from the digital humanities and the use of virtual reality to digitally reconstruct qumran, the site associated with the discovery of the dead sea scrolls. i offer my thanks to dr. magness and to dr. ann killebrew, editor of nea, for her patience and for the opportunity to publish in nea.

for those looking for the expanded version of this research, pick up my book qumran through (real) time: a virtual reconstruction of qumran and the dead sea scrolls, available from gorgias press. (it is also available from amazon and in paperback from gorgias press.)

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  1. […] some background, read vol. 72, no. 1 in near eastern archaeology here. order the book online at gorgias or […]

  2. […] Wright has done here, and it is precisely what Dr. Jodi Magness and I did last year in the pages of NEA and the SBL session that reviewed my book. We stood up, exchanged points of view, pointed out flaws […]

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