google to launch pc operating system

google announced it will finally soon be launching an os for pcs based on its new google chrome web browser. i welcome this new software for a couple of reasons. 1) google does things properly. 2) a real google competitor will bring the cost of microsoft’s browser down. 3) anything is better than vista.

i don’t think people realize how much trouble this really spells for microsoft. their stock is down, vista flopped, and they still have no solution for the vista problem. meanwhile, apple is on the rise, not only in the device market but in pc market share as well. a google chrome os could spell significant trouble for an already reeling microsoft. yes, they have a lot of cash, and have been able to buy up competition or wait out better software solutions until they catch up technologically, but i’m guessing google wants neither to sell or drag their feet.

the big winner in all this: yahoo. after their ceo, jerry yang, refused to sell to partner up with microsoft, microsoft walked, and yahoo’s share price plummeted, leading to yang’s ouster. maybe this announcement by google will drive microsoft back to yahoo for talks, lifting yahoo’s share price.

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  1. […] that microsoft has purchased taken over partnered with yahoo, it is google’s move. i had commented earlier that google’s venture into the pc operating system business would mean temporary salvation […]

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