israel antiquities authority begins new program to register privately held antiquities

Israel Antiquities Authority

Israel Antiquities Authority

the israel antiquities authority, the governing body of all things archaeological in israel, has announced a new program to register all privately held antiquities in Israel. while this may look like an artifact census or an invasion of privacy, i support this measure. if a collector’s antiquities collection is legitimate, if it is not looted, counterfeit, forged, or stolen, then the collector has nothing to worry about. in fact, this program will help to legitimize the collection by offering a stamp of authentication by the iaa. it is the same as any vehicle, gun, or fine art registration here; if you’re legal and legit, you’re safe. once the antiquities registration is underway, those who do not register their goods risk having them confiscated. this program will go a long way towards deterring the kind of forgery operations that are so common in israel.

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