top 10 strangest cases of identity theft

Raphael and Norman Golb

Raphael and Norman Golb

an article on listverse, a site that blogs every imaginable top ten list, has put together a top ten ‘bizarre cases of identity theft.’ according to the article:

Identity theft is not a new problem, and like any crime, there are always some cases that make you scratch your head in astonishment, and ask the obvious questions: “Why would someone even try this? How did they think they were going to get away with it?” And sometimes simply, “What the heck?”

the top ten were:

  • 10. the cheerleader (a 33-year-old woman stole her daughter’s identity to attend high school and join the cheerleading squad)
  • 9. todd davis (the ceo of an identity theft protection company that used his own social security number in adverts, a number that was then used to gain loans and cash by thieves)
  • 8. neighbors from hell (a couple that moved into a tight-knit neighborhood and stole identity information to use in petty crimes)
  • 7. ivy league impostor (a high school senior used the identity of a missing woman from south carolina to apply to, enroll in, and take classes at harvard)
  • 6. dr. no (a doctor that did not attend medical school stole the identities of several doctors to establish a medical practice)
  • 5. dead sea scrolls (the case of raphael golb, son of university of chicago historian norman golb, and his criminal impersonation of nyu professor larry schiffman to promote his father and defame schiffman)
  • 4. you’re how old? (a woman in the czech republic who stole the identities of several 13-year-old children and enrolled in schools as them)
  • 3. brooklyn busboy (a busboy used the internet to obtain access to the private finances of hundreds the richest people in america)
  • 2. stealing from himself (a man fakes his own death in an attempt to avoid credit card debt, and who was caught attempting to use his own identity to get a new driver’s license)
  • 1. catch him if you can (the subject of the 2002 movie, ‘catch me if you can,’ frank abagnale eluded authorities by posing as an airline pilot, doctor, assistant attorney general, and history professor)

i was glad to see the golbs make the list. it is one of the stranger things to happen in scholarship in a while.


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