thought for the day: on the scholarly process

when making a claim, the fact that you are not a professional scholar does not exempt you from the responsibilities of sound reason, good judgment, requirements of evidence, peer-review, and cross-examination that make up the scholarly process.

robert r. cargill

6 Responses

  1. You are only saying things like that because you are an axe-murderer.

  2. amen.

  3. I’d like to cite this but it’s not on Wikipedia…

  4. […] Robert Cargill at UCLA (See: thought for the day: on the scholarly process) […]

  5. ummm, that was an “amen” to the original posting, not to the comment that you are an axe-murderer. Though I suppose the latter is possible as well…

  6. so i married an axe murder is one of my favorite movies, so i took it as a compliment.

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