this is why we must fight pseudoscientific fake archaeology

A reproduction of a section of the Copper Scroll.

A reproduction of a section of the Copper Scroll.

people are more likely to believe what they read when they cannot distinguish credible sources from unreliable ones. because the academy has largely failed to address phony archaeological claims, amateurs like jimmy barfield possessing a small army of religious supporters and some video and technical know-how can make ridiculous claims (and i mean ‘ridiculous’ in the literal sense) and many will believe them. the latest example of this nonsense is third temple votary and joel rosenberg fan scott richards, who claims:

The ancient style of Hebrew used and the seemingly obscure landmarks sited [sic] lead some scholars to believe that it would be impossible to actually determine where the treasures, estimated in the billions of dollars would be located now.

That is, until an unlikely scholar took a crack at breaking the Copper Scroll code.

As reported in the Jerusalem Post:

JIM BARFIELD IS not the typical biblical researcher, and is the first to admit that he lacks the Indiana Jones background one would expect. He has no prior knowledge of the language, archaeology, or geography of the region. Instead, he is a retired Oklahoma Fire Marshal who once excelled in investigating arson.

so despite the fact that jimmy barfield and his copper scroll project have been thoroughly ignored and/or debunked by the archaeological academy and disowned by the israel antiquities authority, some fundamentalist is going to want to believe what he says and promote his views.

again, the academy must stamp out these spurious and ultimately harmful claims as they are made. failure to do so will allow the cancer that is pseudoscientific ‘ark-eology’ to spread, and will only make it more difficult for legitimate archaeology to be heard and appreciated.

(with thanx for the heads up from stephen smuts)

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