christian brady on genesis 1 and the ‘image of god’

Dean Christian Brady, Penn State.

Dean Christian Brady, Penn State.

there is an excellent post about genesis 1 and the ‘image of god’ by penn state schreyer honors college dean christian brady on the targuman website. dean brady states:

There is also no inherent hierarchy in this account. Man and woman are created at the same time and are given the same directive. Some who write on this topic refer to this as the “complementarian” model. Each brings different talents and has a different role to play. These roles, however, are not explicated here. Instead Gen. 1 presents us with a true equality of man and woman; created in the same instant the combination of both uniquely represent the image of God.

i highly recommend it.

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  1. Thank you for the link Bob and the kind comments.

  2. of course. thank you for writing it.

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