new aliases popping up surrounding the criminal investigation of raphael golb

Anonymous Aliasseveral have noticed new aliases popping up around the internet commenting on articles and news items reporting on the criminal investigation of raphael golb, son of university of chicago oriental institute historian norman golb, on felony and misdemeanor counts of identity theft, forgery, criminal impersonation, and aggravated harassment. golb is accused of using multiple aliases to impersonate and harass perceived rivals of his father. the new aliases point readers to a blog containing a publicly available copy of the motion to dismiss the charges of forgery, identity theft, and criminal impersonation against raphael golb on the basis of ‘free speech’ filed by mr. golb’s attorney, ronald kuby.

these new aliases may look similar to the posts made by raphael golb’s chief alias ‘charles gadda‘ and others. however, we should not be quick to accuse ‘dead sea troll‘ and ‘rich cohen’ of being new sock puppets of raphael golb. for all that we know, this may be a tactic used by mr. golb’s defense. the defense could, theoretically, get someone to create new accounts on various blogs, message boards, and news websites and post ambiguous ‘copycat’ messages not unlike those of our old friend ‘charles gadda,’ and then wait for someone to accuse ‘dead sea troll’ of being raphael golb, when in fact, he or she is not. then, in court, the defense could claim, ‘see how easy it is to falsely accuse someone of being raphael golb?’

i’m willing to give this next round of new aliases like ‘dead sea troll’ the benefit of the doubt. it very well may be that some friendly newcomer has taken an interest in the never-ending saga that is the criminal case against raphael golb. there is absolutely no reason to believe these new comments are the work of raphael golb, especially when some of the ip addresses used to create and login to these new aliases are coming from some very interesting locations in europe.

one should not rush to conclusions, but rather, should rely on verifiable, hard evidence to demonstrate that ‘charles gadda’ is, in fact, raphael golb. hard evidence can be found at who is charles or, if you are still not convinced by ip addresses, word-for-word emails sent by different aliases from different email acounts, and email traces, you can simply take raphael golb’s father, dr. norman golb’s word for it.

so while the motion to dismiss the charges against golb still does not concede that raphael golb was charles gadda, raphael golb’s father, norman golb, has reportedly done so on his behalf. i’m sure the defense appreciated the elder dr. golb’s input.

in conclusion, we should take these new aliases with a grain of salt. i don’t think they are the work of raphael golb and neither should you. perhaps it’s just one more ardent, real life supporter of the theories of norman golb and the innocence of his son, raphael.

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  1. Dr. Cargill,

    I am not very interested in the Qumran debate, but I think the legal case is interesting. I am not a lawyer, but I only see one thing that I understand to be illegal in the case. The guy obviously impersonated Dr. Schiffman and harrassed him by writing his students in one email. The plagiarism accusation might be wrong, but he can still claim it if he wanted to, since he seems to offer what he considers to be good proof. I don’t see that as illegal, but I don’t understand the plagiarism charge. The sock puppets were morally wrong, but maybe not legally wrong. I also don’t understand if he impersonated other real people besides Dr. Schiffman in these emails.

    Kenneth Greifer

  2. kenneth,

    i think there’s a reason that the da’s office waited until (long after) the schiffman emails to charge and arrest golb. i think there’s a reason they limited the charges to only those involving forgery, impersonation, and identity theft surrounding the schiffman case. (golb took out other emails in the names of other individuals, but schiffman’s was the highest profile impersonation.) while he certainly intended to harass/defame me and others, those items are rightly resolved in civil court. you’ll notice that in all of the counts against golb, none of them involve what he did to me and other scholars prior to the schiffman impersonation. it appears the defense is attempting to blur defamation with impersonation, but the da’s office’s case is quite focused. however, the growth and escalation of the smear campaign from one of criticism on comments and blog posts to the schiffman impersonation over the course of a couple of years should demonstrate that this was not some one-time mistake or simple joke, but part of a premeditated, well-organized, well-executed campaign to harm scholars.

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