an idea for the 2010 sbl biblioblogging session in atlanta

i am considering an idea that was floated at this year’s sbl conference in new orleans. as a part of our call for papers for the inaugural 2010 sbl biblioblogger session, we wanted to include as many contributors as possible because there are so many excellent biblioblogs and bibliobloggers. the idea is an adaption of the webby awards, which highlights the best of the web, while limiting award recipients to mere 5-word acceptance speeches.

the idea is to invite several 60-second summary contributions in either text or video blog format. then, in addition to regular paper submissions, the 20 best minute-long segments will be sequenced into a single 20-minute presentation surveying the best biblioblogs on the internet. in each 60-second presentation, a biblioblogger describes one’s blog, what one studies, and why it is relevant. this will allow us to see and understand a little bit more about a greater number of blogs, while also hearing more in-depth papers in the traditional conference manner. the one submitting a blog for consideration may write a 60-second summary or may submit a 60-second video blog. likewise, one may submit a colleague’s blog for consideration.

thoughts? other ideas? should they be 30-second clips?

please pass this post along and have those wanting to make comments comment here on this post.


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  1. Sounds like a great idea, Dr. Cargill.

    I am new to all of this, so please excuse the naivety, but what are the qualifications of the presents? Are those of us who are bibliobloggers and members of the SBL, while not phd or phd students allows to present? If even in the 60 second spot?

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  3. in the spirit of blogging, any and all are welcome.

  4. Yes. Helpful. Include many. (Practicing).

  5. This sounds like it is worth doing anyway, whatever may or may not end up being done with it at the SBL Annual Meeting!

  6. A rather trivial question, but how many words is a 60 second blog post?

  7. no idea. sorry. one page??

  8. Well, if you are modelling on the Webby awards, we need to give a prizes and they they need a good name. “Bloggy Awards?” We could make little badges that don’t work on Jim West’s blog…

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