a request to terrorists

i’d like to make a small request of islamic terrorists who keep trying to bomb americans. it’s written in arabic so you can read it. it’s just a thought:

Stop Blowing Sh!t Up T-Shirt

dear islamic terrorists, you’re doing nothing to help your cause. by now, most americans know that islam is not evil, rather, people who kill innocent people in the name of islam are evil, just like those who kill innocents in the name of judaism or christianity (or name your religion) are evil. you’re only hurting your cause and giving the world a reason to hate you, which gives governments a reason to come after you.

so, if you wouldn’t mind, stop trying to blow stuff up. thanx.

5 Responses

  1. priceless!

  2. What’s their “cause” that the text mentions?

  3. i sent out the image with a link to your blog to other team members at work and have had multiple requests about how to order one, haha.

  4. beautiful. And that also goes to Obama if someone can translate for him. “quit blowing shit up”. And go home.

  5. What’s that four letter word in the 3rd line ????

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