in case you were wondering where kids can pee in the ben gurion airport

i arrived in israel without incident. i had a wonderful flight on us air.

i flew on us airways from lax to tel aviv via philadelphia. i love the new airbus 330. each seat (and there was no one next to me :) has an on demand touch screen for tv shows (i watched flight of the conchords), movies (i watched australia) music, games, etc. the meals were great too. us air really impressed me.

the ben gurion airport is nice. i had a quick time at the passport checkpoint. however, i had to chuckle when i stepped into a bathroom and saw the following sign on the wall. just in case you needed to know where children can pee in the airport:

Children Pee Here

In case you wanted to know where children can pee at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel.

the sign was above that one urinal that is lower to the ground than the others. it is written in multiple languages for the international traveler. hebrew and english appear on the top, and the pee stream appears to be written in braille. ;-)

anywho, all is well in israel, an now you know where your kids can pee when you get to ben gurion.

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  1. the creepiest thing about that airport is the giant bust of ben Gurion’s head. It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz.

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