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  1. “Everyone’s entitled to his own opinion, but you know what you’re not entitled to? You’re not entitled to your own facts.”

    Love that!

  2. agreed! best line in the talk!!

  3. I think he is correct when he describes science being a process. And I think he is dead on when he identifies all of the issues surrounding the science. This should identify to him *why* rhetoric is above, more powerful, than science. Because it is rhetoric (the non-pejorative definition) that moves people. The minute we got on board with analyses as the only way to think and make decisions we forgot what Socrates and Plato gave us. It is why the Sophists studied rhetoric and used dialetic methods – because they knew it all came down to more than analysis and science.

    This is what the current crop of leaders in, and around, science have forgotten. For them it is all about the science itself. They intuit the why for themselves without sharing it, and justify it with their science.

    If he wants to get people on board – he is going to have to deal with the ethics, economics, and politics behind Big Food. Because all of it makes a rhetorical statement behind what is important. And that is what people are objecting to. If you want to make “more life” the “Why” to the science of food – make sure that Big Food is on the same line. Then the ethics, economics, and politics would be different than they are. Its a two way street.

  4. john,

    this is an incredibly insightful and, dare i say, profound point. well said. agreed. and thanx.


  5. Those theology classes work!

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