watch ancient aliens on history channel

Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens appears Tuesday evenings on History Channel beginning April 20, 2010.

if you’re looking for something to watch this evening before lost, check out ancient aliens: the series. i should appear occasionally as a debunker, that is, a scholar whose job it is to say ‘no, no, no, no, no!’ really loudly a lot of times. i do not accept/believe that aliens are responsible for technological advances throughout history. i am on the show to explain why.

here’s the ad:

Ancient Aliens: The Series
Episode 1 – “Ancient Aliens: The Evidence” Premieres – TUES. April 20 8pm.

If ancient aliens visited Earth, what was their legacy, and did they leave behind clues that exist in plain sight such as sophisticated aircraft, complex electrical grids, and intricate construction machinery? Indian Sanskrit texts, dating back to 6000 B.C., describe in varying but vivid detail flying machines called Vimanas. Megalithic stone structures in Egypt reveal evidence of precision saw work. Interpretations of the Jewish Zohar writings offer depictions of a life-sustaining manna machine, eerily similar to chlorella algae processing systems today. Are these examples of modern technology, or is there evidence that these incredible mechanisms existed on Earth thousands of years ago?

Check your local listings for times. Ancient Aliens will air every Tuesday on History for the next 5 weeks.


30 Responses

  1. The evidence for ‘aliens’ is as abundant as it is for unicorns. From what we find deep in the earth’s crust, as well as on its surface, the evidence is strong that man was far more technologically advanced than ‘mainstream’ science (or anthropological / paleological thought) give him credit for being, probably because it conflicts with the prevailing view that man went from swinging in trees to dragging knuckles to walking upright…nevermind that the DNA evidence argues against it.
    Over to you Bob.

  2. ‘The evidence for ‘aliens’ is as abundant as it is for unicorns’ – agreed.

  3. both of you are either living underneath a rock or just closed minded to scientific evidence that expains the unexplainable! Just the fact that man could accomplish such great masses of rock being built is just one of the things you should look into if nothing else.

  4. thank you adrian. still, aliens have nothing to do with human development. -bc

  5. I watched the first episode last night but I found it too embarassing. All these pseudo-scientists trying to find what isn’t there, taking only those bits of information that fit their theories, jumping from continent/culture/time period to the next without any coherency. Taking a stylized bird and seeing in it an airplane. Just because the ancient peoples did some amazing things doesn’t mean they had extra-terrestrial help. It just took a lot of time and patience and skill. This series — without critical experts to take the proposed “proof” and explain it from a different angle — is a new low for the History Channel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as open-minded as the next guy, but show me some consistent, emperical proof. Until then, happy debunking.

  6. thanx. they also cut a lot of my harsher criticisms so that i’m not as ‘rough’ on these guys. they may come out over time.


  7. Just because unicorns went extinct during the French Revolution…

    More seriously, this is just the latest reincarnation of Erich von Daniken, et al. As Donna Kossy mentioned in Kooks Magazine, the idea that our ancestors couldn’t even wipe their butts without The Space Brothers to do it for them. (Hmmm… sounds like a continuation of those Fifties “Space Brothers” UFO cults.)

    And these days, History Channel (and most of the documentary channels) should really be renamed “The Occult Channel”. I understand it has to do with ratings, especially appealing to women; according to their focus groups, women really dig the occult and paranormal. (What’s next? SPARKLY Vampires on History Channel?)

  8. I’ve been watching the series mostly for the humor and laughs value. I’ve never believed our ancestors were so stupid as to not be able to construct the civilizations and monuments they did with their own hands, brains and bodies; not that they needed “outside” help. Oh please!

    If the idea that language arose many times v. monogenesis, why couldn’t humans come up with the same engineering ideas all over the world? Language is as much an engineering and organizational effort of the brain as putting bricks and stone blocks together.

    Still if language and the intelligence to think rationally and in an organized “engineering” manner came with us out of Africa, of course then it would spread to all parts of the world. No coincidence, no aliens. Just human brain hardwiring.

    More laughable are the claims of human-alien hybrids. Ninety eight percent of our DNA is shared with chimpanzees, coming down from whatever common ancestor there was… did aliens toy with them first? I can accept the vastness of the universe teeming with all levels of life, but the claims of these pseudo-scientists are beyond the pale.

    Watching these series is like watching a train wreck… you know it’s wrong but you can’t pull yourself away.

  9. ya, it’s nonsense. when they interviewed me and asked me to participate, i said only if i get to refute everything they say. and that/s my job. so i look like the ‘skeptic,’ but that’s a good thing. apparently it’s incredible ratings.

  10. i have always believed in aliens & believe they had something to do with our creation. i believe they still exist here on earth today. they are watching over us to see what they created & how far we have come. one day i do see them making contact with us humans when the time is right. This is the most interested show i have ever watched on any channel.

  11. I don’t think anyone, no matter how intelligent you are could honestly say “yes aliens visted” or “no they didn’t visit”. It really is a guessing game and sure we can offer reasoning as to why we feel one way or the other, but the universe is too vast for any human being to make definitive statements.

    I enjoyed the ANCIENT ALIENS program, but did find some of those who were trying to convince me just a little too far off the what-the-hell-is-he/she-thinking scale.

    I did meet a guy one night who was talking about the Anunnaki and how he believed in them. When I disagreed with something he said, he went nuts and told me he would not continue the discussion. Strange people out there.

  12. I’ve been watching this show lately. It’s had so many laugh out loud moments, it’s better than a sitcom. Although sometimes I find my self getting angry with these so called scientists.

    It’s way to easy to say Aliens did it, without backing anything up with hard evidence. I hoping that once and for all they can say how the pyramids were built in Egypt ( The inner ramp seems a promising theory at the moment ). But having these sensationalist alien theories being given air time is surely making it harder for proper research to be done. If they do find evidence that Aliens did, then fine, but show the hard evidence instead of spreading rumours.

    I’m open minded, but I always like to go with human ingenuity until proven otherwise.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for trying to bring the other angle, although they don’t give you enough air time to debunk any of it.

  13. i am hoping that the final episode is something like ‘the verdict’ and they just play all of the debunker lines i gave them. the show truly does make me laugh out loud. some of the things said on there just make me cringe. it’s perhaps the mist ridiculous thing out there, and i think that’s what the producers are going for: sheer absurdity. by giving the alien nutjobs their 15 minutes, they are actually exposing the absurdity of the claims and giving the world a glimpse at the characters that support it. it’s another example of why we should let people have their say: letting them attempt to explain their views is often the best refutation of them.

  14. Last night’s episode (Closer Encounters), the next to last episode was the Mother of All Nutjobs. Bob got all of 30 seconds to refute the aliens fighting in the Mahabharata. Fwiw “vimana” has several meanings in Sanskrit, not just flying machines. Let’s face it, Hinduism is pretty rich in imagery and imagination. When Hanuman uprooted a whole mountain to find a special herb I suppose that was alien heavy equipment? (rolling eyes).

    The Egyptians were making glass milennia ago; the vitrified sand at Mohenjo Daro didn’t need an atomic blast to fuse it; Lot’s pillar of salt wife is nothing more than an explanation of the pillars of salt that still surround the Dead Sea. Sodom and Gomorrah? Umm… tectonic activity in the rift that runs from East Africa to Syria and pockets of natural gas igniting? But I think I’m preaching to the choir.

  15. I’m thinking that they took advantage of you. From what I’ve seen they have significantly edited your comments, and I’m not sure your role as a “debunker” has come across pretty mild to say the least.

  16. I’ve watched this show a few times and at first it was kind of interesting until I googled every bit of evidence they claimed was there. I was disappointed, not because it’s silly but more because it’s being aired in History Channel. A lot of the stuffs are completely inaccurate. However, after watching the show I do believe that mainstream archaeologist are ignoring few things. The first thing that all the Hindu texts, Greek, Celtic, Nordic,Jewish and Bibical stories may have a common background. Why? Because the scripts belong to the same group of linguistic family and also share some sort of similarities to some extent. Could all these religions be different interpretations of one single ancient religion? The great flood may be more than a myth too. And it is very likely that the ancient civilisations had really well advanced knowledge of maths and astronomy that was lost. After all, Baghdad batteries and Antikrytheria Mechanisms were real things and not a hoax. I’m also starting to develop a sort of interest in the pre-harrapan civilisation since the language used in their seals have so far not been deciphered and at the same time the cities also carried out trade with Sumerians which pretty much makes me sceptical about mesopotamia being the cradle of civilisation. Now why won’t the History channel do a documentary about such thing rather than ancient aliens?

  17. Dr. Cargill, as someone who typically enjoys the latest history channel trend of producing conspiracy theory based shows that showcase the ridiculous with paparazzi style glitz of hollyweird for the sheer entertainment value of pointing at the TV and lmao at the crazy shi- people are willing to believe…

    There’s something i have to say to you and the other academic experts that get the 10 sec cameo shots that have obviously been edited heavily to remove all signs of proper context, sense, logic and rational thinking so that its nothing but bs fluff soundbites – you all are getting ROBBED on the ancient aliens show.

    Now I admit, as with all the other crackpot history channel shows i did find this show slightly amusing. At first. But you can only piss your pants laughing at complete idiot king moonbat magizine editor who’s wild hair is even more wacky that the things he says before the disgust starts to set in. Disgust at the absolute mockery the show makes of the academic world.

    I take offense at the real experts like yourself being denigrated to the role of “skeptic”. I find it revolting that all the wackadoos are shown in their best suits and ties in a formal setting portrayed as if their somebody significant, while the real academics all seem to be dressed casually in an informal setting and portrayed as if they have nothing substantial to say. And I find it down right scary the way the show manipulates the storylines into being respectable theories when there is no substance to it at all.

    Unless there’s an ending segment still to come in the ancient aliens series that is based entirely on debunking the fantastical myths where the legit experts actually get to make a whole statement in proper context and given the opportunity to dismiss the crackpot delusions in full commentary – your fine reputations are being shat on for the sake of giving faux legitimacy to a bunch of looney tunes.

    Seriously dude – you are being robbed, and its shameful. Here’s hoping you and the other legitimate scholars that have been manipulated to participate in this silly farce of a show play hardball the next time the History Channel comes looking to disgrace your reputations with such drivel.

    Any show that doesnt present the commonly held views of the academic world in the proper contect of a counter argument should be paying those experts a half million for every ten second cameo blurb. Anything less, YOU ARE BEING ROBBED.

    Hope to see you and the other legitimate experts on the Nat Geo Channel or similar source, exclusively, in the near future.

  18. in short, agreed.
    real scientists are described as ‘skeptics’ and traditional archaeologists, as if we are the unenlightened.
    but then again, that is the point of that is the point of the series. there was an original 2-hour special on ancient aliens where there was more parity between enthusiasts and scholars. the ratings were so high they asked for a series. i did a three hour interview where (at least i felt) i eviscerated the theories presented by the alien enthusiasts. only snippets of that show have appeared in the show.
    the show has been couched as an argument for alien enthusiasts, not as a documentary about the subject (which, truth be told, would be ridiculously short – there’s no evidence).

    the fact of the matter is that they don’t need scholars to debunk this nonsense. they just need to keep the camera pointed on the alien believers – big hair, sunburn, and all. the show refutes itself. who is going to believe the editor of an alien magazine that looks like he fell asleep on the beach just before the interview? seriously, the refutation of the theories comes from watching them speak. it’s almost comedy.

    that said, i am hoping that the final episode is entitled ‘final judgment’ where we go through and systematically dissect this nonsense. but we’ll have to wait and see.

    thanx for the comments. i agree, but, someone has to stand up and say ‘no.’ otherwise, there is no scholar in the series stating that this is all nonsense.


  19. “real scientists are described as ‘skeptics’ and traditional archaeologists, as if we are the unenlightened”

    Thats the point of the show. These people ultimately do believe that YOU are the skeptic and that their evidence trumps yours. I think this is confirmed upon talking with believers. This show is the representation of the other side, while entertaining the occasional debunk comment.

    In the end, sorry you wasted so much time filming the debunk segments and only getting a little airtime. Maybe when the history channel produces “The technological feats of Man from Sumer to America” your comments will be more completely incorporated.

    8/3 episode was great, I think someone compared the moon to the deathstar. I thought I was watching the sy-fy channel.

  20. Unlike a lot of people that have posted. My historical knowledge of many of the civilisations is quite limited, to be honest i hadnt heard of many of them till this program. I did find the program intresting and though provoking. Much of the so called evidence was not substantial enough to convince me and I agree with some the other reviewers that the program jumped from civilisation to civilisation without providing any real context and substance for each one. The other thing I think was missing from an non -history point of view was that there was no timeline therefore it is hard for someone without a suitable historical knowledge to think that may be it was just human migration allowing similar ideas to be spread around the globe. I did find the bit about masks representing space helmets being a wild conclusion.

    I did find some of the bits about the various religious text interesting and probably the nearest thing to something factual. As someone has already stated in this forum it is the fact they are have many common theme which would suggest that each one is an interpretation of a single original source.

    The thing i find most interesting about programs such as these that are based on the interpretation of ancient languages be it written or hyroglyphic is that it is one persons interpretation of the meaning. Working in engineering I have seen first hand how one persons view of a requirement means something else to another person and that is when the two people speak the same language and live in the same time. So by translating a dead pictographic language to try and convince me that it is about aliens visiting us and influencing our civilisations just doesnt really cut it.

    Saying all this I dont rule out the possibility that we may have been visited in the past and some of he evidence may be plausible but i think the show tried to make too many wild claims without any real substance to back them.

    In general the program made me think of the book “Hitch Hikers Guide to the galaxy”.where an alien civilisation populated the earth with telephone sanitary engineers

  21. I am extremely disturbed by the history channels recently shown alien involvement in Noah’s arc. I am a self proclaimed atheist yet intrigued by religion. This show about alien involvement in Noah’s arc is so far fetched its embarrassing the History Channel let in on the air, yet again the history channel breathes upon shows that have little to non validity. If aliens were so concerned with “advanced” evolutionary beings, why no genetically advance the human brain (there is much need for improvement) why not advance it further? If aliens were so much more advanced than us, why not biologically improve us to the point of near perfection? Also, what is the point of creating this hypothetical gene pool in Noah’s arc? none. History channel has lost not only its credibility but also its sanity.

  22. We need to stock up on our Depends so as we watch the new series starting on 10/28/10 @ 10pm, we pee in our pants laughing uncontrollably.

    No, I am not going to shy away from this mental trainwreck. I need some levity in my life right now. Perverse as this sounds, I’m really looking foward to this new series.

    I hope our esteemed Dr. Bob is included in this more than last time and can rip them to shreds. : )


    The “second series opener” is on tonight. ZOMG… they brought this silly crap back before it was even a year old.

  24. I will agree with all of you on how ridiculous and bare boned most of the facts were in this program. One thing I did find quite interesting despite the rest of the episode was it’s coverage on the Bermuda triangle. I don’t know how much of it was factual but it still is quite interesting hearing one man about an encounter in some kind of “electrical storm” in the center of it. Can anyone refute on some information about this or recall any other events?

  25. The fact that someone is trying to figure out phenomenon that has gone unexplained for generations is of itself commendable. Was it aliens maybe, maybe not. But you guys sound like the catholic church refuting the fact that our planet is in fact round and not flat. The fact that the earth is not the centre of the universe, let us remember was also refuted vehemently and thinkers who postulated otherwise were put to death.

  26. the earth is round (oval actually), not flat. the earth is not the center of the universe. there is probably life out there.
    and if i said back then what i say today, i’d have been they one they’d have burned at the stake.
    but none of that is any evidence whatsoever that aliens are responsible for the human race or technological progress.
    just because you can think it doesn’t make it so.

  27. I watched the program and was quite amused at how edited your responses were. I would love to have heard your entire interview. Do you know if it is available anywhere? Did you receive a copy? (I think I get some kind of sick pleasure when I hear one’s hypothesis obliterated with logic and true knowledge on subject material).

  28. yep. i am told that originally, there was a lot more debunking (from me and others) like in the original 2-hour movie. for the series, they thought no one would watch if the scholars were allowed to quickly debunk the nonsense, so they cut a lot of the rebuttals. they left a few responses in there (like this), but for the most part, it was a lot of ‘could it be’ and ‘is it possible…’ i haven’t worked with subsequent seasons 2 & 3.

  29. Someone tell me again how they precisely shaped and transported 800 ton stone slabs 5000 year ago. One slab at Baalbek is 1100 tons. Was that the Atlantisans technology?

  30. […] issue.  Did they invite Bob Cargill onto the program?  Cargill, for those who don’t know, is a scholar who not only opposes ‘Ancient Astronaut theory’ but also appeared in the fi… of Ancient Aliens but was cut out of following seasons because, I can only assume, he made more […]

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