on the gihon spring and jesus’ triumphal entry

i have annotated a portion of a lecture i gave as a part of my ‘jerusalem, the holy city‘ class at ucla and uploaded it to youtube. it discusses the israelite coronation ceremony, zechariah’s prophecy in chapter 9, and the description of the triumphal entry of jesus in matthew 21. give it a look, and feel free to use it in your classes if you’d like.

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  1. I see the redactor of Matthew making an obvious mistake in Matt 21 where he mentions two animals. The “double-stating” in the Hebrew poetry of Zech 9.9 is missed in Matt 21.2-7 if the English is an accurate translation of the Greek. Perhaps these Greek passages need further study. This mistake is not made in Luke.

    Anyhow, do you see Tabernacles imagery in the Triumphal Entry? I do. That would make that a fall entry into Jerusalem, easily enough time to establish what appears to me descriptions of longer-term activities (Lk 19.47, 20.1, 21.7, etc) than the traditional single Holy Week. A fall entry would jive with the theory of Bruce Chilton that Jesus’ last “six days” were more like six months in total, but absolutely with the rather accelerated series of events during the last week.

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