busted! turkey’s culture ministry is now ‘investigating’ noah’s ark ministries international

Noah's Ark Sinkingyou read about it here earlier. and now, they’re getting busted.

Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism has launched an investigation into claims by a research team named Noah’s Ark Ministries International that they have found Noah’s Ark.

The ministry has also initiated an investigation into state officials of the province of Ağrı, including Deputy Governor Murat Güven, Provincial Tourism Director Muhsin Bulut and an official from the district governor’s office in Doğubeyazıt, who were present at the press conference in Hong Kong where the explorers made their finding public.

“A statement was made from abroad, claiming that Noah’s Ark has been found. There were Turkish state officials present when the statement was made. We are investigating the technical and legal aspects of the issue. How did these objects get there [to Hong Kong] and under whose authority were the officials present there? We are investigating this,” Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay said.

Günay also stated that they were happy for the Hong Kong explorers to carry out research on Mount Ağrı but noted that the ministry doubted they asked for permission before doing their research. He also sent a strong message to Turkish scientists who claim that Noah’s Ark is not in Turkey.

is it too early to say it???


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  1. i must admit: the ‘snow’ does look like styrofoam…
    The 'snow' on the 'ark does appear to be Styrofoam packing beads.

  2. Bob you seem to be hoping and hoping that there is no ARK and the Bible is not true and after you die there will be extinction and no Judgement and no eternal
    life promised as a free gift by accepting Jesus as your Lord – no Lake of Fire etc . Why ?

  3. i’m not hoping that there is no ark, i’m just waiting for someone to show it to me. obviously, this one is fake. the burden is on those who make claims to put forth evidence. many archaeologists put forth solid evidence to support claims made in the bible and that contradict claims made in the bible. but what they have in common is that they produce evidence. they say they have c-14 evidence. who did it? where are the charts? where have they made the results available? they say they have an ark. where is it? they haven’t even revealed the location!

    this noah’s ark group has offered no credible evidence, and now evidence to the contrary is becoming available daily. it’s a hoax. i’m not wishing for anything. i’m waiting for evidence.

  4. […] the noah’s ark ministries international folks have released a video and are standing by their claim of their so-called ‘discovery’ of noah’s ark. [ht: jim west]. i have documented the problems with their dubious claim here and here and here. […]

  5. Bob you seem to be hoping and hoping that there is no ARK and the Bible is not true and after you die there will be extinction and no Judgement and no eternal
    life promised as a free gift by accepting Jesus as your Lord – no Lake of Fire etc…

    doubleplusgood doubleplusduckspeak, with indirect ad hominem thrown in for good measure. Note especially the transfer of burden of proof onto the Heathen Dr Cargill; since he obviously Doubts, nothing he says or writes can possibly be true. Seen this happen too many times, especially when Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory logic comes into play. (Like the initial news of this expedition last year, where the Ark-ologists suggested that a landslide was deliberately triggered by Person or Persons Unknown to hide the remains of the Ark.) Once Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory is in effect, The Dwarfs are for The Dwarfs and Won’t be Taken In.

    The reason for Ark-ology is a lot of Christians want some absolute physical proof that they’re right. Which can easily mutate into spiritual one-upmanship — “SEE? SEE? I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG! YOU’RE WRONG! HAVE FUN IN HELL! HAW! HAW! HAW!” Whether it’s finding Genesis 1 imprinted on the human genome to prove Young Earth Creationism or Noah’s Ark on Ararat, it’s all the same game. Absolute Proof the Bible Is True (and that I’m Right). Like they’re secretly afraid they’ve been wrong all along…

  6. […] noah’s ark. i have responded to these ridiculous claims on my blog (here and here and here and […]

  7. Headless
    Where has the Bible been proven wrong ? It is even
    used by secular historians for reference.
    How did 7 feet of DNA in a single cell with 3 billion bits
    of code form in a muddy pool ????
    Darwinism has been debunked long ago.
    Darwin thought that bears changed into whales and dolphins ????? Do you believe this ?????
    How would the DNA of a bear know how to design itself into a whale – and you say Christians are whacko.
    As for Noah’s Ark if it is up in the snow on the mountains of Ararat there is no reason why there should not be some evidence. Lets see how this pans
    out. With fossil sea creatures at the top of Mt Everest and nearly every other mountain are you trying to say there was no global flood – or did some Christians plant them there.

  8. There is NOTHING I can say or write to Charles Allen (or any YEC Uber Alles) that he will not debunk. And denounce me as Antichrist in the bargain.

    The Christian version of Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory is now in play.

    The Dwarfs are for The Dwarfs, and Won’t Be Taken In.

  9. I was just interested in finding the latest version of the Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory, when I stumbled into the ark kerfuffle. Nice goin’ Doctor Bob! … nmp

  10. Headless why not argue the points eg how did DNA
    form in a muddy pool – in your own words ?? give us a laugh .

  11. […] has put together a video response to the smackdown (see also here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here) that scholars worldwide, including […]

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