harvard courses now on itunes u

Harvard University Crest

harvard university is the latest major university to begin placing their university courses on itunes u. categories include science and health, history, arts and culture, and national and world affairs. and while their offerings are still limited, it will only be a matter of time before harvard’s course offerings are as robust as yale’s ‘open yale‘ courses and itunes u offerings, duke university, and, of course, ucla’s itunes u courses.

progress is a good thing, as is making university-level learning available directly to the public.

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  1. If you are interested in this kind of subject (academic podcasts) in addition to Open Culture, to which you link back, you should be following the blog DIY Scholar (http://diyscholar.wordpress.com/) which is entirely dedicated to reporting about and reviews of free academic audio.
    You might also be interested to read http://baxterwood.blogspot.com/ (occasional course reviews)
    and my own blog, which is more generally dedicated to the reviewing of quality podcasts. (http://anneisaman.blogspot.com)

    Thanks for the fascinating blog. I just discovered it and find reading every new bit that comes out. Any particular reason you do not use capitals – Shift key is broken perhaps?

    Keep up the good work,


  2. lazy. that shift key is so much extra work.
    solidarity with early programmers like those who invented the email address and the url.
    hebrew and greek didn’t need caps, why do we?
    response to the german language, which capitalizes even common nouns unnecessarily.


  3. I can appreciate the solidarity with programmers, but on the subject of Hebrew… I only WISH Hebrew had capitals. Forget about the vowels, I manage without them, but when I have to quit reading a page and then try to return… everything looks the same. With capitals you have more anchors to find your leaving point back. Usually I don’t. When I read Hebrew, I have to go undisturbed or I read everything twice, thrice and on.
    As to German, yes, agreed, totally

  4. Don’t forget MIT’s Open Courseware site.

    Leans toward science and engineering, of course, but they have other stuff too. Some courses have pretty minimal content, others have full video lectures.

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