jesus christ: mixed martial arts superstar??

MMA Jesusyou have absolutely got to be kidding me.

the daily show has done a great segment on how some ministries are using smackdown style evangelism to spread the word.

a couple of deranged pastors in the south are using mixed martial arts and feats of strength to evangelize people. john renken of clarksville, tennessee runs ‘xtreme ministries,’ which teaches mixed martial arts as a form of evangelism. likewise, todd keene of dallas, texas runs the ‘power team,’ which does feats of strength to impress people for jesus.

i shake my head.

in fact, is it possible to laugh at (and not with) people while shaking my head?? seriously. how stupid can some people be? wait, don’t answer that.

the only religion that should use feats of strength is festivus. that’s it. the rest is adulterating and packaging xnty just to be cool. look, if you like to do something like boxing of football, great. and if you want to thank god for your ability to catch a ball in the end zone, wonderful. but don’t build a ministry around doing things that openly contradict the principle message of a particular faith. (that goes for you ‘gospel of wealth’ and tv evangelists as well!) you don’t kick people in the head for the glory of god! xnty is not a contact sport, it should be focused on service to those in need. it’s not a freakin’ side show!

again, the answer to dwindling numbers in the pews is not to fundamentally change the core of the faith or to employ big time wrestling tactics in worship. how about give them something worthwhile? or is that too hard for people these days?

what’s next, pimp my gospel?

[ht: jim west]

11 Responses

  1. need i even say anything?

  2. i dont even know what geoff is talking about.

  3. does anyone? ever?

  4. I heard about this from Christian Monist a month or two ago. After he related a story of some church whose entire activity was watching pro wrestling because everything else was too much work. Pro Wrestling?

    Gives new meaning to “SHEEKA-BOOM-BAH! BAM!!!!!”

  5. No… I just realized what this is…

    It’s Wrestlecrap For Jeesus!

    I wonder if we’re going to see “Just like Gobbledy Gooker and Vinnie Mac’s Necrophilia Angle, Except CHRISTIAN (TM)!”

  6. again, the answer to dwindling numbers in the pews is not to fundamentally change the core of the faith or to employ big time wrestling tactics in worship. how about give them something worthwhile? or is that too hard for people these days?

    Too much like work.

  7. To address what I believe Geoff is getting at: I could be wrong, but I think you are missing what I believe to be Dr. C’s point here. Just because someone may get “something worthwhile” out of this ridiculous sounding “ministry” does not automatically make it a worthwhile CHRISTIAN (sorry, I don’t know how to do italics on here or I would. Help?) ministry. I get “something worthwhile” out of taking my boat out and seeing how fast I can scoot it across the lake, but I get no Christian message out of it — just a good time (really good time, actually :-). Rather, this stuff looks like just another stupid popsy-type way of getting people somewhere they might be able to call themselves “Christians” at the expense of the much more important goal of delivering the wonderful messages that Christianity, as presented in the NT, has to offer. It is certainly not a ministry I would respond to because this type of shenanigan tends to prove the slippery slope away from the true, and much more meaningful, messages Jesus left us according to His followers who attempted to memorialize them in what we consider to be the NT. I’ve never been a fan of these types of methods trying to introduce Jesus to people because they too easily lend themselves to getting way off track. This is a pretty good example, in my opinion.

  8. These churches are choosing to attract young people, immature people, with an immature message of violence and agression. They are using the appeal of machismo to attract young people who don’t know any better, when they should be teaching them to control these immature impulses and lead a more loving and peaceful life. Ironically, most really good martial arts schools would never consider trying an appeal to juvenile machismo in an attempt to increase their membership They have too much integrity, which is why they’re the really good schools in the first place. Martial arts, at it’s core, is more about attaining inner balance, the Yin and the Yang, than it is about kicking ass and taking names.

    I guess the churches figured that they’d appeal to the dark side of people in order to bring them into the light or whatever. Great idea; in order to appeal to the unevolved personality, devolve yourself down to their level instead of attempting to inspire them to rise to yours. Too bad this totally negates the very meaning of their existence as followers of Jesus Christ like it does and all, but hey, business is booming, so who cares?

  9. Maybe we are all missing the point here. Maybe the message is simply “Hey God exists! Read your bible.” If I can’t get the message out any other way than to put it on tv with a sport you know millions will watch. So you see a message flash on your screen from Matthew ( in the bible)then wouldn’t that make some people wonder why it was put there. Well atleast some people would be curious enough to read the passage entirely. Maybe its as simple as that. Of course loving thy neighbor does not mean kicking them in the head for sure but sometimes people need a little kick in the right direction or atleast a push.

  10. Perhaps the “answer to dwindling numbers in the pews” is to first, accept it as biblical(Matt. 7:14, 1Cor. 1:18).

  11. Does it really matter how the Gospel is told as long as IT IS TOLD?!!! God has always used strength to spread his message. What Todd Keene, God bless him, does is spreading the gospel that’s it. How he does it, doesn’t matter.
    Him and his team is using their strength to get people’s attention and when they do then they tell the gospel.
    65 percent of the people that go watch them is non Christians and would never go to church. Isn’t it worth it if they can change some of their hearts?

    But also when they visit a city or county they just don’t visit the church but also the schools where they talk about drugs and alcohol, teen age pregnancies and bullying, that’s just a few things. Its just too bad they can’t tell the gospel or talk about God in the schools. If they did they would be shut down or be arrested. That’s something that needs to change.

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