how not to be a christian

i agree with jim and scott: there is something fundamentally wrong with what is happening to christianity today. there is a way to educate the public about christianity, but this is not it. lost is any critical understanding, lost is any theological depth, and lost is any real knowledge of the core message. christianity is being packaged, branded, marketed, and sold as the latest form of reality tv. gone is the commitment. gone is the authenticity. gone is any call to service. much of today’s christianinity and nearly all of christian broadcasting is just idiots trying to use what is popular to make christinos (christians in name only).

there are two problems with this form of christianity: it’s defunct and it sucks. it lacks any depth and meaning, and it’s a third-rate imitation of everything it is attempting to emulate.

the style of christianity portrayed below is the justin bieber of christianity: fake, fake, fake, studio-produced, cookie cutter, bubble gum and lifestyle christianity. it’s contrived, it’s for-profit, it’s shallow, and it’s designed to target a fickle audience that will quickly turn its attention toward the next pop trend as soon as something else becomes cool.

god help us all.

7 Responses

  1. When the unbelievers start to point out doctrinal problems… I think the Church may have issues. You are correct, Bob: this is pathetic. Completely, and utterly pathetic.

    Now if we could just get someone to read the book of Zephaniah on the air… :)

  2. its easy not to be a Christian because we are not born as Christians. we teach to act as a Christian. jesus christ has not forced anyone to follow HIM! take care of you, not what others are doing, see to it that you behave like Christians. We here in grecce believe christians means TRY TO BE AS CHRISTIANS!!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. These folks could use a dose of the real thing. Like this:

  4. i shake my head.

  5. Well, we’ve got our GodTube (“Just like YouTube, Except CHRISTIAN!”) and ChristianChirp (“Just like Twitter, Except CHRISTIAN!”); why not a knockoff of dumb reality TV?

  6. P.S. I finally watched the segment all the way through.

    There are no words in the tongues of Elves, Men, or even Ents to describe just how STUPID those “Just like fill-in-the-blank, Except CHRISTIAN(TM)!” segments were.

    It is just like my 300-channels-and-nothing-worthwhile-on cable hookup, except without all the pop-occult UFO/ghostbuster/Nostradamus 2012 marathons.

  7. Bob…the xtians are being un-xtian like in Iowa. A group of over 800 religious leaders in Iowa have signed a petition basically saying let people vote on Gay Marriage or you won’t get our vote. You can read more details at

    It’s really frustrating what these people put forth as “god’s word.” YOU did such a great job on that panel at Pepperdine and I’ve thanked you for that in the past. I wish there was more all of us could do to stop this nonsense.

    Thanks again for all you do…TIM

    PS – Saw your snippets on Ancient Aliens…man…talk about a buz kill! LOL TP

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