no new iphone until i can use anyone but at&t

iPhone and AT&Ti’m just putting it out there for the record: i shall not be purchasing a new iphone (i still have the original model) until i have some other option of service provider than at&t. the sooner i can use verizon, the sooner i’ll buy a new iphone. if that doesn’t happen soon, droid is calling my name.

the exclusive iphone contract with at&t tarnishes the apple brand.

’nuff said

3 Responses

  1. Agreed.

  2. I think I have to disagree. Since the phones can easily be unlocked, you can simply insert a SIM card from another carrier and start using away.

    The reason why I am not a Verizon fan is due to the fact that their phones do not use SIM card technology. This in fact limits any phone purchases through them to be only exclusive with their service. The other three players; AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile all use SIM cards which makes most of the phones they sell interchangeable. This does not lock you into one provider. This being your original argument with purchasing an iPhone. It is my understanding because iPhone does not use the SIM card technology, it can not be used with Verizon’s service.

    In my humble opinion, I believe that T-Mobile has one of the best contracts for unlimited internet service, one of the main reasons for purchasing the iPhone. They offer a great service with a flat rate internet plan at a pretty fair price.

  3. […] finally!! verizon to provide service for iphone Posted on June 29, 2010 by bobcargill behold the power of my words of chastisement!! […]

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