perhaps one contributing reason why california is broke: gambling with welfare money

Gambling with California EBT cardsthis is both typical and representative of the welfare state california has become: the la times is reporting that california ebt cards (‘electronic benefits transfer’ – the new electronic form of food stamps) allow users to withdraw cash at casino atms.

california adopted the ebt cards because they were more convenient and less stigmatizing to those on california’s public food assistance program.

less of a stigma. sure. and using the tax-payers’ good will to gamble equally elevates that stigma right back where it was.

the mere fact that gambling is legal in some places in california, where gambling is supposedly illegal, and that these gambling areas are largely tax-exempt or tax-reduced is infuriating in its own right. the fact that you can use your food stamps to withdraw cash at a casino atm is icing on our very broken cake.

4 Responses

  1. government…. so aggravating.

  2. Well I guess it gives new meaning to ‘Sin is in’. Pretty sad and we get to pay the tax to cover it!! Nice!!!

  3. no boo you got that wrong. you CANNOT use your food stamps to withdraw cash at a casino atm.

    The EBT card can have only foodstamps or foodstamps AND cash aid on it. Foodstamps and cash are TWO different things. What ever the case NO ONE can gamble with foodstamps dude…

    Now if they are taking their CASH AID off to gamble thats a different story, or is that what u MEANT to say?

  4. public assistance funds in casinos = wrong, no matter how one defines it.

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