finally!! verizon to provide service for iphone

Verizon iPhonebehold the power of my words of chastisement!!

it’s about time!!! verizon is reportedly going to begin providing service for the iphone.

when it’s ready and available, i shall purchase my iphone 4. at which point, i shall bid farewell to the most miserable phone service experience i’ve had since my phone kept inexplicably hanging up when i kept calling that one girl i liked when i was 15.

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  1. I hope you’re not a southpaw. If you are, then by merely holding the iPhone 4 like a normal person would, you will get reception problems regardless of cellphone carrier. Google for “iphone 4 death grip”. It’s a nice looking phone btw. Caveat emptor.

  2. I am not trying to be rude to you. I watch your blog via RSS and I’ve enjoyed most, not all, but most of your work here. You go after people’s credibility on this blog sometimes in an sharp fashion. I like that and it’s one of the reasons I tune in.

    But, on this post, your setting yourself up for a hit on your credibility.

    Simply commenting on this article the way you did hurts your credibility. Why? I listen to eight to 10 hours per week of tech and mobile tech related podcasting and there’s no telling how many articles I read on the topic of mobile tech.

    I can’t tell you how many rumors come up just like this one. Last year, Verizon’s CEO said on FoxNews that by Christmas 2009 Verizon would have the iPhone. Is there a more of a credible source is the CEO of Verizon on such a topic?

    Steve Jobs would be the only one with more credibility than the Verizon CEO and he has never chirped even a hint towards such a move. I’ve never heard the V word come out of his mouth.

    The report that you’re citing is probably the most credible, as far as circumstances and timing. But, I wouldn’t go making any “finally!!” statements until you see an official press release from Apple, Inc. and not even Verizon. I would even say it would be a shotgun press release.

    Quite frankly, at the rate of these rumors, you could just copy and paste this post once a month, at least.

    I hope your not upset at me, I’m really only trying to help.


    Wilson Hines
    wilsonhines AT

  3. it’s certainly possible:

    but there’s also an advantage to promoting the story: apple needs to know that there are many of us that will simply walk away over the at&t issue.

  4. Unfortunately most of AT&Ts woes come from the popularity of the iPhone. I doubt if Verizon would be any better with all these users. Still, the more carriers the wider the load is distributed.

    BTW mine arrives tomorrow. :-)

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