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  1. Such a great show. My wife started watching it from the pilot and have not been able to stop. We’re kicking ourselves for not watching it sooner. While we’re working our way up to it, and no disrespect to this one, I still think the map dialogue is one of the best clips.

  2. We have the entire series on DVD and every night watch at least two episodes before going to bed. We’ve watched the show 7 times now from start to finish and have yet to grow tired of it.

    Oh, and “I wouldn’t stop for red lights” has been a part of our regular vocabulary for years, thanks to this episode. There truly hasn’t been a show of this caliber in years.

  3. that line makes me tear up every time she says it. i know it’s coming and i still cry.

  4. GREAT SHOW! Watch it through every year. I wouldn’t have thought this was the best scene though…hmm, tough one. I like the one where Bartlet takes the radio talk show host to task.

  5. The church scene from “Two Cathedrals” is also a favourite as is the debate scene from Bartelt V Ritchie. On the fun side Bartlet calling the butterball hotline is funny as is Sam telling Toby and Josh he accidentally slept with a call girl.

    Sorry Bob but you got me started!

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