u.s. news: harvard is the nation’s top school

US NewsHarvard University is the nation’s top school according to the 2011 U.S. News & World Report rankings released today.

California once again landed the most schools in the top 50 with 9 schools, with 5 of those in the top 25:

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  1. While that is impressive for California, it’s a bit skewed. California boasts a population of over 37 million (est.) people, while e.g. New York has around 20 million. So I decided to group things differently.

    New York and the New York City metropolitan area (NY, NJ, CT) combined with Massachusetts and Rhode Island add up to just over 39 million (July 2009 estimates), so it’s a better comparison size-wise. Here are the results:

    5. Stanford (you missed this one)
    7. Cal Tech
    22. UC Berkeley
    23. USC (probably beat UCLA because of a 20k+ higher tuition)
    25. UCLA
    35. UC San Diego
    39. UC Davis
    39. UC Santa Barbara
    41. UC Irvine

    By comparison, let’s see how the “northeast” (excluding Pennsylvania) add up:

    1: Harvard (MA)
    2: Princeton (NJ)
    3: Yale (CT)
    4: Columbia (NY)
    7: MIT (MA)
    15: Cornell (NY)
    15: Brown (RI)
    28: Tufts (MA)
    31: Boston College (MA)
    33: NYU (NY)
    34: Brandeis (MA)
    37: Rochester (NY)
    41: Rensselaer Polytech (NY)
    50: Yeshiva (NY)

    States alone Massachusetts beats California proportionally (Massachusets 8.7 million to California’s whopping 37 million), so looks as if that’s the place to be for top schools. And adding in the other states to a roughly even population shows that the northeast has 6 more. And this is without counting Pennsylvania, which would add another several to the list.

    The one good thing about California’s list, though, as opposed to the northeast, is that 2/3rds of the top schools are public, as opposed to the northeast’s schools which are *all* privately owned.


  2. part of the private/public discrepancy is rooted in the fact that the east has been populated a wee bit longer than the west. give us a hundred years and the 10 senate votes your amalgam of states possesses to boost funding for infrastructure and jobs and we’ll be right up there. ;-)

    i do agree that massachusetts is the ‘smartest’ of the states, while california boasts the best public education system in the country (when we’re not slashing the hell out of the budget!).

  3. Bob, you forgot one other key differentiating factor…weather and geography / topography. I would much rather be in California going to school then having to deal with the wonderful winters the North East has to deal with.

  4. That’s part of the issue, although the northeast has a lot of benefits itself. Yale, for example, is located in nearly the perfect spot – close to New York, Princeton, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Boston, Rhode Island beaches, New Hampshire mountains, Vermont mountains, and the lovely lakes of Maine. I spent my whole summer here (in Rhode Island) without any regret, and with a little apprehension about returning to California for school.

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