the double standard

The sign of a modern, intellectual society is not its tolerance for free expressions of speech, but the consistency by which it tolerates various forms of free speech. Likewise, the sign of a sound faith in a credible system of beliefs is the manner in which it responds to criticism. Those that respond violently to questions and criticisms about their religious beliefs betray the uncertainty of their own convictions. However, those who entertain rational discourse and admit the inherent problems within all systems of beliefs demonstrate a confidence that unsettles many who insist upon their certitude.

ht: jim west

3 Responses

  1. (1) The capacity for rational, fact-based discourse and (2) a fervent belief in one’s own religious beliefs (and contending that they are — somehow — based on facts (as revealed — get THIS ! — in this or that “holy book”) ) are … fundamentally … mutually-opposed.

  2. Prof. Amitai Etzioni has written about properly balancing privacy and free-speech and the limits of free speech on the Internet. See His book, The Limits of Privacy ( is especially relevant to this audience.

  3. And look who’s winning.

    WHO are the ones everybody tiptoes on eggs around?

    WHO are the ones nobody dares “upset (TM)”?

    WHO are the ones who can get their own way?

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