Gmail Introduces New Priority Inbox Beta

Google is introducing a beta version of “Priority Inbox” for Gmail (because “Priority Mail” is already taken). Like most things Google, it is a simple, but welcomed enhancement to Google’s free email solution.

Google already has an effective spam filter. “Priority Inbox” works by using a new, teachable algorithm that determines which of your remaining emails (after the spam filter) are most important based upon keywords in the emails you read and to which you have responded. You can also train Gmail to promote or demote certain emails based upon content or sender, like you can with music on Pandora. Essentially, Google has created an algorithm for email content similar to the one it uses for web pages, which promotes certain results over others, except that the results are private to the email recipient. Over time, the more important emails are partitioned into three groups in your inbox:

  • Important and unread
  • Starred (Items you’ve read and designated as important)
  • Everything else

The new tool is convenient because the less important emails are still visible in your inbox, but those emails you are truly waiting for in your cluttered inbox are elevated to the top.

You can activate the Priority Inbox from your existing Gmail account with a simple click. Try it today.

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