mesopotamians by they might be giants

Most parents are fearful of what their children might find on the internet. So when my daughter, Talitha, came and told me that she had a question about a strange video she had found on the internet that had some strange names she had never heard before, I was preparing to tell my daughter how there are some things on the internet that are simply not good. But imagine my surprise when she began asking about people named Sargon, Hammurabi, Ashurbanipal, and Gilgamesh! I thought perhaps she has stumbled upon a joint lecture by UCLA Assyriologists Drs. Elizabeth Carter and Robert Englund on iTunes U. But no, she had, in fact, found the new song, “The Mesopotamians,” by They Might Be Giants.

They Might Be Giants writes some of the best educational, clever, and outright hilarious songs ever written. If you haven’t heard their latest, give it a try.

5 Responses

  1. Agreed — I love They Might be Giants. Funny, cool and educational. How do they manage that? Caught them live a couple of years ago in Durham. Would definitely go again.

  2. I am fan of their “Constantinople” song!

  3. Too cool!!

  4. that’s a good one. i still like particle man.

  5. A great song (except it is not that new…it is from 2007).

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