olbermann suspended indefinitely from msnbc – how long until he runs for office?

Keith Olbermannmsnbc’s keith olbermann has been indefinitely suspended without pay for making contributions to democrats.

cnn is reporting:

Keith Olbermann, MSNBC’s primetime firebrand host, has been suspended indefinitely for violating the ethics policies of his employer earlier this year when he donated to three Democrats seeking federal office, MSNBC announced Friday.

“I became aware of Keith’s political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay,” MSNBC President Phil Griffin said in a statement.

i like olbermann (and not just because he was a sportscenter anchor). he’s wicked smart, clever, and sharp witted. he’s on air persona is over the top, but that’s because he’s attempting to balance to fox’s o’reilly and hannity. it was foolish, however, to let him do the election coverage. while cnn and fox did their best to make attempts at impartiality, msnbc attempted a bizarro world version of fox news’ pundit shows. it works for the ratings, but not on election night.

maybe fox news will offer him a contract like they did juan williams. it would make great publicity for fox news and would be a brilliant move on murdoch’s part.

the problem for olbermann and msnbc is not just the donations, which will cause some to cry conflict on interest although olbermann makes no attempt to disguise his liberal leanings on air just like fox news’ sean hannity makes no attempt to disguise leanings in the other direction. the problem is that olbermann railed against fox news’ donations to the republican governor’s association, which now appears hypocritical.

my only question is: how long until olberman runs for office? where does he live? i will say this for olbermann: it’s the quickest way out of his msnbc contract. in that regard, it’s a brilliant move if he wants to make the jump to politics (running, not commentating).

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  1. Is it fair? There are plenty of news people who contribute as private citizens why is he being singled out? One can find a listing of all the TV jounalist through different web sites on the internet. I think it was only a political move on the part of MSNBC.

    He was a good counter balance to Fox. We need more of that.

    Fox just feed you a lot of sh__ and keeps you in the dark.

  2. Ahem, he broke his employers rules. Bottom line, he had it coming. I don’t care who he donated to, if he donates without his employers’ consent, he deserves what he gets.

  3. I remember a few years ago an anonymous survey of people in the press and most of them gave money to Democratic campaigns. This is all over the place.

  4. i think he wanted out of the contract so he could run for office. he knows/knew precisely what he’s doing.

  5. Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann on Fox? Now that would be a battle royal! I like Bill O myself, I don’t think Olbermann could take Bill’s simple but tough Catholic logic? But it would be fun watching!

  6. Oh. good point. I mean if reagan was president, so can anyone else.

  7. Olbermann shouldn’t have done it. But it’s accepted practice at Fox News: http://mediamatters.org/research/201010270005

  8. Fox understands freedom, the other American news (so-called) media do not!

  9. I am astonished since MSNBC is so clearly biased in favor of liberal causes.

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