info on the 2010 biblioblogger dinner in atlanta

Gibney's Irish Pub

Gibney's Irish Pub, Atlanta, GA

the 2010 biblioblogger gathering in atlanta this year will be held at gibney’s irish pub (map) on sunday night, november 21, 2010, at 6:45 pm. it’s less than a block away from the main sbl hotel, the hyatt regency atlanta, so los angeles bloggers have no excuse. a dinner menu is available here.

if you are a blogger, a reader of blogs, or are even thinking about blogs, and you blog about the bible, bible places, bible translations, ministry, religion, notes about religion, scripture, god, hebrew and technology, hebrew poetry, epigraphy, scribal practices, the church, christendom, nt interpretation, gnostic gospels, the ancient near east, the biblical worldarchaeology, the roman world, ancient world, christian origins, catholics, academia, total depravity, lost, debunking, palaeobabble, obscure english bands no one has ever heard of, stalin, tea, travel, technology and targums, politics and faith, education, higher ed, old stuff, abnormal stuff, random stuff, awesome stuff, clay stuff general musings, the cleverest things on the net relating to all of the above, or anything else, then you should be at gibney’s in atlanta on sunday, nov. 21 at 6:45 pm. come and go as you’d like, but that’s where we’ll be.

don’t miss the special guest appearance by all 80 of raphael golb’s aliases. and remember, if anyone asks, we’re all jeffrey gibson. ;-)

see you there.

30 Responses

  1. Not sure if I fit into one of those categories … oh wait :)

  2. Do we need to bring our own sock puppets, or will they be provided?

  3. Awesome. I’ll be there. Should be fun.

  4. no, in fact, you don’t even need socks…

  5. Oh how annoying. I am pretty certain I fly out just a few hours before the dinner.

  6. Thanks for setting this up, Bob. See you in Atlanta.

  7. I work right by Gibney’s and eat there at least a couple times a month. It used to be called Charlie and Barney’s. It’s a good place, quick service, and if it gets too crowded, you can always try Max Lager’s a couple blocks north (they have a microbrewery with more space upstairs), or Meehan’s just a few blocks away. I’m not an academic, but I’ve followed many of these biblioblogs for years in my spare time. What in the world is bringing you all to Atlanta?

  8. I’ll be on my way out of town at just that moment but one jeffrey gibson or another will (mis)represent me, I’m sure.

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  10. Sweet!

    I’ve always wanted to be Jeffrey Gibson. ;-)

  11. Sorry that I can’t make it, Bob, because it sounds like fun. Sunday night is a big receptions night and I have already several prior commitments, alas.

  12. ok, but i get your guinness. ;-)
    swing by if you can, even if it’s only for a moment.

  13. Bob,

    I and at least one other person with me will be there. And of course, we’re all Jeffrey Gibson (and have photos to prove it!).

  14. I’ll be there!

  15. um, ok. lol.

  16. Thanks, again, for setting things up. I’ll plan to be along also. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  17. I’m Jeffrey Gibson and so’s my wife.

  18. I will try to make it. It would be nice to meet some of my fellow bibliobloggers.


  19. […] info on the 2010 biblioblogger dinner in atlanta « The Official Blog of Dr. Robert R. Cargill. […]

  20. Thanks for the invite, Bob, but I too have to give my apologies, same reason as Mark. But I trust I’ll see many of you at the biblioblogging session.

  21. […] Cargill announces arrangements he’s made for the 2010 SBL Bibliobloggers Dinner over at his newly rebus-titled blog. If you’d like to go, the official headcount is being tallied at James McGrath’s blog, […]

  22. gee now i really hate that i’ll miss it since the whacko hudson will be there. i hope he brings raphy golb with him. they’re tight ya know!

  23. will his head explode when he realizes that we’re actually not all the same person?
    as for his partner/buddy/pal, i’m guessing he won’t be joining him. november 18th is a big day, and i’m guessing there will be some sort of 500-foot rule in play for the next 3-5 years.

    i was going to respond with, ‘we’ll be watching for you,’ but we’ve been doing that for the past few years, so nothing really changes.

    i shake my head. the dude abides…

  24. Awesome! Great choice! The UGA side of operations will be there.

  25. That would mean the whole three of us!

  26. looking forward to being there.

  27. […] It seems that this is becoming a tradition.  The bibliobloggers of the world who are attending  ASOR/SBL in Atlanta, will meet together Sunday night.  The information about the meeting was posted by Dr. Robert Cargill here. […]

  28. Thanks so much for organizing things! I was starting to worry it wouldn’t happen this year, with our fearless leader not attending.

    If an RSVP is necessary, put me down. :)

  29. Oh, ah, this is reception night? Egads, I didn’t realize this was a Sunday night. I’m not sure I’ll be joining after all.

  30. […] and Writing in the Context of the Two Ways and the Didache.” Then I’ll be at the annual biblioblogger’s dinner before heading back […]

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