shattered dreams of archaeology students

Archaeology Cat is sad he chose the wrong career.

Archaeology Cat is sad he chose the wrong career.

If you’re up for a laugh, then check out Timothy McSweeney’s blog, where author Scott C. Reynolds walks you through “Dream Jobs That You’re Glad You Didn’t Pursue.” In the segment, Reynolds describes up what many people list as their “dream jobs,” and then painfully and hilariously explains why you’re glad you didn’t choose that particular profession.

This particular episode, entitled “So You Wanted to Be an Archaeologist…” made my both laugh and cry (the crying being mostly at my choice of career). Please give it a read.

(PS: This is the expression I keep imagining Megiddo archaeologists Dr. Eric Cline and Israel Finkelstein keep having when they’re not on camera :). Coincidentally, it’s the same expression (inspired by Dr. Jim Linville) that I believe Dr. Jim West has when he reads about dilettante archaeologists, and coincidentally the exact same expression that other top 50 bloggers (well, 2-50) have when they read Jim West’s blog. ;-)

7 Responses

  1. and worse!

  2. Haha! Brilliant! And yes…Jim can inspire that sort of expression…

  3. hey now!

  4. When is the ‘archaeologist’ going to do some archaeology?

    But I wouldn’t be a pastor for all the tea in china.

  5. when is the troll going to do some troll… oh, wait… there you are, right on cue.

    and i would rather be me than you (or your idol) any day of the week.

    now, if you promise to go take your medicine, i’ll approve your comment this once…

  6. i sure wish hudson had been at sbl as he promised. alas, his word is as true as raphael golbs. which is why, frankly, anything he says isn’t worth hearing.

    or as one gregory house would put it- if he’s talking, he’s lying.

  7. He wasnt’ at SBL? Then who was that guy disguised as Prof. Gibson?
    This is all very confusing. Now I has a sad.

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