why one cup christianity is dangerous (or) can the body of christ transmit hepatitis-a?

Communion Tray

This is why most Church of Christ folks use matzo crackers and those disposable single cups for communion: you don’t know where the sinner next to you has been (and they don’t know where your sinnin’ rear end has been)!

Which raises an intriguing question for transubstantiationalist Catholics: can the body of Christ transmit Hepatitis-A?

The Associated Press is reporting:

MASSAPEQUA PARK, N.Y. – Health officials say hundreds of people may have been exposed to hepatitis A while receiving communion on Christmas Day at a church on Long Island, N.Y.

The Nassau County Health Department said Monday it will offer vaccines this week to anyone who received communion at the church Dec. 25. A church spokesman told Newsday that the investigation was ongoing and that he could not identify who might have transmitted the virus.

Symptoms may include fever, fatigue, poor appetite, nausea, stomach pain, dark-colored urine and jaundice. The disease is rarely fatal and most people recover in a few weeks without any complications.

I’d also encourage Christians in Long Island to hold off on greeting each other with a holy kiss for a while…

HT: Jim West

10 Responses

  1. OY! That someone believes they’re gonna get blessed from eating a cracker and drinking grape juice makes me laugh. They deserve Hepatitis. ;-)

  2. Orthodox Christians receive communion from the chalice with a common communion spoon that the priest uses. Doesn’t bother anyone. I did hear a story about a local church years ago after the initial AIDS scare, they bought a whole set of communion spoons so every communicant could have a nice, fresh spoon.

    And Bobby….be nice!

  3. i’ll be nice. i just like to see sacraments keep up with modern health regulations. i’d hate for there to be anything less than a big blue A on the window as you enter the church…

  4. I ain’t playin’ fair. ;-) LOL

    Honestly, I want everyone to worship and believe whatever makes them happy, I just want them to stop trying to dictate what everyone else in the world believes. And for Godsakes, stop trying to legislate their religious beliefs.

  5. Dr. Bob, that A could stand for absolution. ;-)

    Hepatitis-Absolution, the next best thing to picking up snakes.

    It might sound better in Latin. LOL!

  6. LOL, I can remember when I was a teen, our church, (used bread cut into individual pieces and grape juice in individual cups) had a minister who decided to do things differently. It wasn’t the usual Sunday communion service, it took place in the church’s social hall. A large loaf of bread was passed around for everyone to tear off a piece and a chalice was passed for everyone to take a sip. My dear mother had been a nurse and was having a fit! We didn’t partake! She would have approved of the big blue A!!

  7. I’ve been a one-cup person for over thirty years without problems (high-church Lutheran). Never had any problems. The solutions are quite simple: 1) offer both individual glasses and the common cup. 2) Use the individual glass if you have a communicable illness.
    Also a Lutheran microbiologist determined that the risk of infection from the common cup was infinitesimal. Hepatitis C is an exception because it is easily and highly transmissible.


  8. I mentioned this article in a christian chatroom and was indignantly told I was silly for not recognizing the difference between the cup and ‘the blood’.

    Sigh, some folks have no appreciation for grim humor.

  9. unfortunately, you, the rational one asking the obvious question, are the silly one. calling names is a common technique for those who cannot defend their position.

  10. If I was rational would I be arguing evolution with young earth creationists ?

    Oh well, I’ve done my share of name calling, still, I thought being labeled “spawn of satan” was a tad histrionic. *g*

    At any rate, thanks for the compliment.

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