my wife will not be happy

My wife (who hails from Lubbock) will not be happy about this:

The NCAA put Texas Tech on two years of probation Friday for a series of recruiting violations, saying 16 coaches or assistants sent nearly 1,000 impermissible text messages to football, softball and golf prospects.

I, for one, am happy about it. And I’ll be even happier when Mike Leach successfully sues Tech for terminating him and Tech has to pay him what he would have made as their coach. Yes, I know some of the violations took place while Leach was coach, but this is what Tech gets for firing the best thing that’s happened to Lubbock since Buddy Holly.

One Response

  1. Interesting that the violations went across three different sports. Sounds like a an NCAA compliance office did not correctly inform the coaches. The NCAA rules book is so thick is would make the IRS jealous! Perhaps YHWH will raise up an Martin Luther figure-type and reform the NCAA.

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