quote of the day: on dead sea scrolls scholarship

Quote of the Day (Dr. Evil)The following exchange is taken from p. 748 of the official court transcripts of the criminal trial of the People of New York v. Raphael Golb.

Dr. Robert R. Cargill is being cross-examined by Dr. Golb’s defense attorney, Ron Kuby.

CARGILL: “I had written against old-school peer review methods, yes.”
KUBY: “We’ll call it ‘new school’, the younger, hipper version – to put it online so that anybody can read it.”
CARGILL: “I don’t know how ‘hip’ it is. I won’t characterize it as ‘hip’ as we’re all still pretty much nerds writing about the Dead Sea Scrolls.”

I forgot I said that. Under oath even. Made me smile.

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  1. […] to read blogs let alone write my own posts. This morning I decided to catch up on a few and noted Bob’s very amusing snippet of testimony from the Golum Golb trial. In it he stated, “we’re all still pretty much nerds […]

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