quote of the day: “i’m not going to argue with you, he was cute.”

Dr. Robert R. Cargill appears on Discovery Channel

"I'm not going to argue with you, he was cute." - Defense attorney David Breitbart on Dr. Robert R. Cargill.

In my review of the transcripts of the case of the People of New York vs. Raphael Golb, I came across the following statement, which caused me to laugh. The blush-inducing statement was made by Dr. Golb’s defense attorney, David Breitbart, during his summation (closing arguments). In his summarization of my testimony, Mr. Breitbart opened with the following:

“Let me call your attention to a young man by the name of Robert Cargill. I’m not going to argue with you, he was cute. I’m not going to argue with you. We [the defense lawyers] don’t look at anything else except you folks [the jury] and the witness, so we know he was considered cute, but that’s not the point.”

– Attorney for Raphael Golb, David Breitbart, during his closing arguments speaking to the jury about Dr. Robert R. Cargill (p. 1200, lines 8-12 of the court transcripts).

To my recollection, the jury was made up of a fairly equal number of men and women, most of whom were my age (and by that, I mean younger ;-). Apparently, Mr. Breitbart felt that I made a good impression on the jury, and so attempted to separate what I said from the one saying it. And, while I am fully aware that Dr. Golb’s attorney, Mr. Breitbart, shortly thereafter proceeded in his attempt to impugn my credibility, and that his use of the word “cute” was actually pejorative (that is, cute only, which is never good for scholars and news anchors), I find it humorous (as well as quite consistent with my experiences in life) that even in a courtroom, with the exception of my wife, the kindest compliments about my appearance still come from men, not women. Go figure.

I’m not really certain how to respond, other than to say, “Thank you, Mr. Breitbart. It was the kindest (and I’m guessing the only kind) thing you said about me all day.” ;-)


12 Responses

  1. Cute is not the term most of the women who have seen you would use. Other words come to mind, but I don’t want to induce any more blushes, so suffice it to say that term is no where near accurate.

  2. Not many men can claim to be cute, in an “asserted and uncontested in a court of law” sense.

  3. I am at a loss for words. Quite funny.

  4. Going to have to agree with Thurma up there. :)

  5. Ha, seems the only reason you hear cute comments from men only is the women have more intense words of admiration! Not a bad thing to be good looking.

  6. cute! that is very funny, and not one most attorneys would have said.

  7. You looked very cute to me striding around Qumran.

  8. i thought so. i knew it.
    jim, see, i told you…

  9. I feel it likely that the outcome of further discourse relating to your cuteness (or whatever term the ladies and gentlemen deem appropriate) is going to result in your becoming quite difficult to live with from here on out, so thanks, Mr. Breitbart. Thanks a lot. ;)

  10. hahaha@ ros! and i knew geoff had a thing for ya!

  11. You must have been sporting one of those sweet argyle sweaters.

  12. […] this criminal case, as well as one who testified against Dr. Golb (apparently looking rather “cute” that day). It’s especially tragic because even after Dr. Golb was arrested, he could […]

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