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  1. What they need to teach in the class is how to deepen one’s faith and understanding of the Truth these Bible passages bespeak of and how they’re really intended to be interpred.

    So, that , later in life they won’t fall for the stupid and superfluous, semi-baked, half-wittedness spiels (see above video!) of the nonbelievers

    whose only desire

    is to pounce on kids as spiritual prey and take away from their eternal happiness.

    Kind of like the pagan/atheist brand of pedophilia.

    In the end, (no pun intended) the only thing they have in common there is that —-


    Stupid video by the way. Really dumbed down and uninformed.

  2. Speaking of really dumbed down and uninformed…I would love to hear what kind of divine justification you propose for these stories.

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