cargill 2.0 beta (codenamed: “MacLaren Cargill”) is a boy

Cargill 2.0 Beta is just about feature complete. We have even determined an operating codename: MacLaren. (We’re still working on a middle name. We have an excellent candidate, but we are open to suggestions.)

We also learned today that it’s a boy! (as scientifically documented and peer-reviewed below).

MacLaren Cargill

A pensive MacLaren Cargill rests chin on fist and ponders the importance of 2 Samuel 7 to Second Temple period Jewish concepts of messianism.

MacLaren Cargill

MacLaren Cargill covers his eyes at the sight of a nurse's Yankees hat. Go Sox!

MacLaren Cargill

MacLaren Cargill responding to the question: How many books are in the Pentateuch?

MacLaren Cargill

MacLaren Cargill has a big head like his father. Head! Pants! Now!

MacLaren Cargill

Yep, it's a boy. Atten-tion!

MacLaren Cargill

Peer-review confirmation. Boy.

15 Responses

  1. so happy for you guys. of course ‘james’ would be the PERFECT middle name. MacLaren James Cargill. it’s biblical. anything else would really be not as good.

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Middle name: Enoch

  4. GREAT name!

  5. I recommend the names Igor, Myron, Seymour, Archibald, Herbert, or Digby. If your kid is really macho, he can change the image of these names like Arnold and Sylvester have done for their names. I think it is worth the gamble.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS – MAZAL TOV! May the pregnancy be a easy one; may the childbirth be easy also; may both mother and child be safe and healthy.
    As a precaution, it is a Jewish custom to give the price of a meal each week to some homeless person to create a Blessing Way Path.

  7. Congrats!

    I nominate something xkv8tr in honor of his dad. It’s a lot cooler than Jr., and he’d be one of a kind.

  8. Congratulations! All the best!

  9. Congratulations Bob! I nominate Roz’s maiden name for a middle name.

  10. May God Grant Him (and your family) Many Years!

  11. That’s great news, but you know when he’s twelve, he’s going to kill you over those last two pictures! I suppose you’ve ruled out SAMUEL as a middle name. . .
    Congratulations and best wishes to you and Roz!

  12. Congratulations to your entire family. I think Seth Cargill, Joshua Cargill , Brandon Michael Cargill or Luke Cargill sound like great name combinations.

    Whatever name is selected I just know he will be a cool kid and an outstanding adult.

  13. Congratulations!

  14. […] Cargill announced, “It’s a  Boy.” Congratulations to the Cargill […]

  15. […] and I (and baby MacLaren) are pleased to announce that will be leaving California for Iowa this fall. I have accepted a […]

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