google wins for best april fool’s joke

check out this game-changing new technology from google: gmail motion

there’s even a pdf of the commonly used gestures.

Gmail Motion Printable Guide

happy april fool’s day.

UPDATE: check out the google docs motion beta guide. i especially love the spreadsheet, drawing/flowchart, and uploading to the cloud.

5 Responses

  1. and believe it or not, jim west has this same setup for blogging. so next time you read one of jim’s blogs, think of him going through the motions described below.

  2. I’m too spoiled by — found this sub-par.

  3. i liked it because it started out looking legit, then turns onionesque.

  4. i actually do all those… to keep the blood flowing! it’s almost like they were spying on me….

  5. […] Institute for Creative Technologies has one-upped Google, and turned Google’s “Gmail Motion” April Fool’s joke into a reality. Using a Microsoft Kinect, they took all of Google’s mock body motions and […]

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