Iowa_HawkeyesRoslyn and I (and baby MacLaren) are pleased to announce that we will be leaving California for Iowa this fall. I have accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Classics and Religious Studies with an emphasis in the Digital Humanities at the University of Iowa. We are excited to be headed to Iowa and are thankful to UCLA for the time we’ve spent here. My daughter, Talitha, has given us her blessing. Prof. Tiggens is as of yet undecided.

Moving from UCLA to Iowa means many changes are in store. I hear the weather is a bit different. My school colors change a little from blue and gold to black and gold. I switch from being a Bruin to a Hawkeye. And I’m definitely going to have to redesign my California flag themed web page.

We are excited about the future and moving forward. Thanx again to everyone at UCLA who made the past nine years so wonderful, and to all the friends and colleagues I’ve made over the past few years. I look forward to making new friends and working with my new colleagues in Iowa.


27 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Bob!

  2. thanx chris.

  3. Mazel Tov to you and Roslyn! How are you going to survive in the Midwest? Are you finally going to have to break down and buy a snow shovel?

  4. So very glad and proud to have you on board with the Big Ten!

  5. yes, it will be like being back in yosemite, except without, you know, the mountains.

  6. that’s right. we have to talk some smack now.

  7. Oh – you are totally lucky! 4 of the greatest years of my life were spent in Iowa! All of my Hawkeye-fan-roommates made sure that I learned to utterly detest those rotten ISU Cyclones!

    My wife and I would love to return to the midwest but so far, we’ve been prevented!

    Best wishes in Iowa City!

  8. I cannot believe you are leaving UCLA!! Jerusalem 10W wont be the same without you. You made it so much fun! Anyway, congratulations and wish you the best at University of Iowa!

  9. thanx. i’ll certainly miss ucla and its great students, but there’s always itunes u. :)

  10. thanx andrew!!

  11. Congratulations! And at a mere 6 hours from Indianapolis, you’ll practically be in my neighborhood now! :-)

  12. thnax james. there will have to be some butler commiseration time somewhere in between you and me.

  13. Congratulations! I’m a big fan of this blog. Fortunately the internet(s) are hooked up in Iowa.

    Have a great move!

  14. Congratulations! “Assistant Professor of Classics and Religious Studies with an emphasis in the Digital Humanities” sounds like a job you would make up for yourself. I hope it feels so. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers as you make the transition and transitions ahead!


  15. thanx dave. i thought the same thing. i couldn’t have written a better self description myself.

  16. Congratulations, and best wishes to you and your family.

  17. Congrats and good luck!

  18. Congratulations, Bob.

    Alas — one state too far east from God’s country. ;-)

    Sadly, as a displaced Cornhusker (you know, the team who is going to wreak havoc in the Big 10), I’ll have to spend the fall football season spitting virtually in your direction (I’ll do the same for Chris at PSU; I just haven’t told him yet).

    Football trash-talking aside — stock up on the antacid and set your sights towards tenure! (I’m just now recovering from my ulcer.)

  19. thanx stephen.

  20. thanx paul. can you offer some pointers on how to deal with that white stuff?

  21. thanx and congrats. yes, chris at psu and a colleague from ohio state have already begun with the big ten trash talk. it’s usually followed by, ‘we’re gonna crush you, but at least you’re in the big ten now…’ ;-)

  22. This is wonderful to hear! Best wishes to you all!

    Get ready to be crushed by Michigan this Fall. :-)

  23. thanx nathan, but what is it with big ten schools and football?? you’re like the fourth person whose talked smack to me and i’m not even there yet. i got a ‘get ready to lose to ohio state regularly’ from prof. keimer earlier this morning, and he’s in israel!!!

  24. Bob,
    We can all agree that the Big Ten uniforms are alot easier on the eyes than the PAC 12’s. See Oregon and Arizona state among others. Being a Michigan fan, you can easily become inured to losing to OSU. It just makes it easier. Enjoy Iowa!

  25. Oregon’s uniforms were indeed hideous. They were as bad as those softball uniforms the Pirates wore in the late 70s.

  26. Congratulations and best wishes on this next big step in your career. Please just make good on that promise to keep using iTunes U. I’m already marking time until the Dead Sea Scrolls class this summer!

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