i am very, very proud of the fact i am moving to iowa

…and here is one more reason why. Listen to Zach Wahls speak to the Iowa House of Representatives during a discussion about House Joint Resolution 6, which seeks ban same-sex marriage in Iowa. The presentation excellent and his argument is sound.

And I shall continue doing my part (here and here and here and here and here and here and here) to combat the discriminatory hatred that continues to be spewed forth by those so-called ‘Christians’ who seek to impose their selectively hypocritical self-righteousness upon others, like this unnamed fundamentalist:

(I love how the opponent is too cowardly to even give his own name, and how those in attendance start walking out.)

Some use religion to condemn and marginalize, others to serve and heal. You tell me which of the above acted like a real ‘neighbor’?

HT: Scott Bailey

14 Responses

  1. Dude, why and when are you moving to Iowa?

  2. got a job as prof of classics and religious studies. moving in august.

  3. In response to the second video: I find it interesting that in fundamentalist-speak, ‘God is judge’ usually means, ‘I am judge and have decided for God how he feels about you,’ instead of ‘I am going to work out my own faith with fear and trembling and allow you to do the same without legislating my selective truth to you.’ If God is judge, then let *him* be, not the government. Let his followers be love and light and move on with their own lives. I am quite certain each of us has enough to work through personally without worrying about what is happening in our neighbors’ beds.

  4. Great piece Bob! The videos really speak for themselves. Ros, really enjoy reading your thoughts as well.

  5. Roz, I think you hit the nail squarely on the head. If what God truly requires of us is kindness, justice, and humility, these were sorely lacking in the young man from the second video. All I saw was an arrogant, hateful, canned diatribe that made me cringe as a Christian. No wonder people walked out!

  6. Following up late here, but congratulations on the job Bob.

  7. thanx jeff.

  8. Again tangential to the original post, will you still be posting your classes to iTunesU from Iowa?


  9. i shall try. it looks like uiowa has an itunes u presence, but not sure how much they are using it. -bc

  10. Very well worded and powerful arguments. Thanks for standing up. Good luck in Iowa.

  11. […] see acted out what I’ve been arguing here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here for years […]

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