and the golden turd award for religious exploitation goes to…

you must read this post. i don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

Special Passover Award For BS (Biblical Stupidity) And the winner is? Drum roll please…. Paula White. Usually, Paula is doing some serious BS with the calendar and the feast days of ancient Israel. Paula has articulated an immense amount of BS pertaining to the calendar. She really likes the calendar… she loves the calendar. When Paula is around a calendar it gets awkward. But her calendar has magic powers for your finances! Paula is the dilettante queen who brought you the Day of Atonement ble … Read More

via Scotteriology

3 Responses

  1. I look at this and I can’t help thinking how many women have been fighting an uphill battle all their lives for gender equality in the church. And for many of us the dream is still so far away; we remain under suspiscion, consigned to silence, not allowed to teach or pray or participate publicly. Yet, here is Paula White, who HAS found a voice and a forum. . . and this is how she uses it: to deceive and rip people off! She sets us back 100 years. The golden turd couldn’t be more fitting unless, perhaps, it was a real one!

  2. Maybe slightly off topic, but the first thing I noticed was the prominent loaf of *leavened* bread in that “Passover 2011” picture.

  3. yes, i saw that. a little off, no?

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