unintentionally honest church sign of the day (via scott via matthew paul)

I know they didn’t necessarily mean to say it, but that’s precisely the point of this party.

CoC Block Party

They didn't necessarily mean to say it, but that's *precisely* the point of this party.

(Via Scott Bailey via Matthew Paul Turner)

5 Responses

  1. oh thats unfortunate

  2. Wait is the COC supposed to stand for church of Christ ? That would make it even worse. I think this is where the church message “Sign Broken – Message Inside” would and should come into play.

    We all make mistakes. I worked at a restaurant and I wrote an abbreviation for Coors Lite as C-Lit. The bartender burst into laughter and proclaimed that she didn’t serve that.

  3. I thought that the COC was supposed to mean ‘Christian Outreach Church’. Should we be wondering how many people show up or avoid it?

    This reminds me of the name of the Engineering building at UIowa.

  4. English TV viewers familiar with Only Fools and Horses will know about the comparably unfortunate acronym for Trotters Independent Traders (see here: http://youtu.be/JSGRq6aQfFA). The theory goes that this is all an attempt by the subconscious at getting a message across (as explained in the clip).

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