jesus appears in a walmart receipt

Jesus in a Wal-Mart receipt

Jesus in a Wal-Mart receipt

A Christian couple in Anderson County, SC discovered an image they believe to be Jesus on a WalMart receipt (of course that’s where they were.) But some are questioning whether the image is Jesus or someone else. (Experts are doing comparisons with some early self-portraits and photographs of Jesus to determine for certain.)

There is one easy way to determine whether the pic is of Jesus or not: is the man in the picture a masculine looking man, or just some “chickified church boy in a sweater vest“? @PastorMark #ManlyMen

The pic does looks pretty thuggish and hard core. Maybe @PastorMark can use him as a greeter at Mars Hill (it is a WalMart receipt after all…).

12 Responses

  1. More like: Charles Manson appears in a Walmart receipt…

  2. well then he should definitely attend driscoll’s church. he slaughtered men, did he not??

  3. Looks like Paul to me…

  4. You know Mr. Tom, it may indeed be Paul. From what I can see, the right eye (if looking at the photo), is a lazy eye, or simply, looks far to the opposite of where the other eye and the over all direction of the face is pointing. Paul speaks of having certain ailments, which scholars have blamed on everything from poor eyesight to being gay.
    This picture leads us to solid evidence that Paul might have actually been speaking of a lazy eye. A fascinating proposal to present at the next SBL conference!

  5. […] by Chuck Grantham on July 19, 2011 Hat tip to Bob Cargill, who usually posts things of […]

  6. I’m from SoCal, and we get a “Mary in a Tortilla” news-of-the-weird item every few weeks. However, this one’s just — “WTF?”

    “(Experts are doing comparisons with some early self-portraits and photographs of Jesus to determine for certain.)”

    Experts? As in Spiritual Warfare Experts from Pastor Billy-Bob’s Miracle Deliverance Ministry Fellowship?

    (And people denounce me as weird and sicko because I’m a fan of the latest My Little Pony reboot…)

  7. ya, that ‘my little pony’ thing is a little off ;-)

  8. Of course, because Jesus has nothing better to do these days than appear on Wal-Mart receipts in the south. Maybe next He’ll show up in a taco in Tijuana…

  9. Just goes to show that everything is open to interpretation. Personally the first thing I saw was Smigel from LOTR.

  10. Looks to me like a “dead” ringer for Rasputin.

  11. Nah….my first impression was Abe Lincoln…minus the hat.

  12. Looks like Shel Silverstein

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