the most clever argument thus far against a historical worldwide flood and noah’s ark

i especially enjoyed the rhetorical litany of animals supposedly on the ark, the math on the volume of water necessary (but not available) to flood the earth, the discussion of drones and parasites, their solution for dealing with predatory consumption vs. herbivores, the treatment of animal waste, and the discursus on ‘speciation’ and how creationists must allow for speciation to have occurred for a very short period shortly after the flood, but not in perpetuity and not if that same process is called ‘evolution by natural selection.’

for a textual take on this, read here.

(HT: Scott Bailey. Kudos: NonStampCollector)

8 Responses

  1. WOW! Love that. But you know some idiot will use the “faith” excuse as an answer.

  2. OT: I don’t really understand why the Ark story seems to be treated as such a warm, fuzzy story. Thousands or millions of people would have died, including children and babies.

    Playmobil and Fisher price sell Noah’s Ark playsets, but they don’t sell Holocaust playsets, which doesn’t seem that different, apart from not being directly caused by God himself.

  3. I’m sure some would claim the Holocaust was the “will of God”. Hell, they claim He destroyed make believe cities because of sex. That mentality could think up any excuse to explain what they can’t handle.

  4. Haha, loved it!

  5. So Dr. Rocket scientist…..go find yourself a picture of a DNA strand and tell me how that thing randomly mutated (adding information) to create the incredibly diverse and complex biological process (you probably have been too busy painting stupid cartoons out of hatred) that exist in plant and animal kingdom.

    Don’t like the idea of being accountable to God… do you? OK…after you figure the mutation thing out, tell me where your living soul evolved from………

    God create and loved, buddy, ….you sin and rebell…like a teenager…….



  6. […] the most clever argument thus far against a historical worldwide flood and noah’s ark (nonstampcollector web | YouTube) (and check out nonstampcollector’s Noah website!) […]

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