a theory regarding anonymity on the internet

i have stumbled across a new, scientific theory that i believe best explains what anonymity does to people on the internet.
internet anonymity theory

you are free to plug in the name of your favorite abuser of anonymity and crunch the numbers because the theory accounts for a diversity of subjects. john gabriel’s ‘greater internet dickwad’ (gid) theory best explains what happens when you give a fool a mask and a microphone. of course, the theory may need slight augmentation to account for extreme cases that end up in jail, but this general theory appears viable.

(ht: the gothamist)

6 Responses

  1. I agree in principle. But sometimes it’s complicated.

    I have a blog which does not use my real name. Why? Because we all have times when we want to blow off steam politely: I’m a southern girl raised by a Mama who frowned on unkind words. Occasionally my Boss does dumb things or my political representatives astound me in a bad way. Rather than simply smack myself, or them, on the forehead, I write. It helps having a core of people who can look at the situation and help me put it back in perspective. Sometimes they simply agree that the Boss should go ahead and retire. :)

    Most of the time what I write are simple life observations. Non-threatening, but a little deeper than mere fluff. Unfortunately I work for local government in a small town where any remark of a non-positive light will haunt you forever. Being “me” is just not worth any overblown reactions or repercussions due to simple misunderstandings. Although I wish it wasn’t true, the good ol’ boy system is alive and well here. And it punishes those who anger it.

    However, I’m the “real” me on Google+. Meaning I don’t write stories there. :)

    Having just discovered your blog, I’m really enjoying it. Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your son!

  2. Glad some justice was done here. Other “dickwads” beware.
    May this episode disappear into the past as you begin great new things in Iowa. Good to have you back online.

  3. As an avid reader of both you and Mr. Gabriel’s work, I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t think of sending you this earlier; it certainly applies.

  4. thank you :)

  5. […] friend Christian over at Homebrewed Theology posted this link on a theory regarding anonymity on the Internet on Facebook yesterday and it made me think about my own position on the topic. While a number of my […]

  6. I am going to disagree with the theory in part because it does not take into account the fact that annonimity is needed for protection from their fanatical people who take great umbrage at the words of those who post their ideas on the internet and threaten physical violence.

    yes, the theory is true in part ut it is only part of the picture.

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