how long until the ‘ancient aliens’ folks get a hold of this?

Strange formations in Gobi DesertHow long do you think it will take the Ancient Aliens folks to interpret the recent discovery on Google Earth of formations in the Gobi Desert as the work of aliens on earth?

Obviously, China is up to something, but what is it? Is it a military testing ground? Is it a street map for a major city for use in targeting practice? Is it the latest massive Christo artistic installation? Is it the future of UPC or QR codes?

I don’t know. What we do know is that within a week or so, someone is going to claim that it’s some sort of alien landing strip. Just watch.

(FTR – my guess is a satellite calibration system for part of it, and a explosives testing site for the other. Pure speculation, but with the burnt out vehicles in one of the images, I’m guessing testing site.)

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  1. Have you tried scanning it with a QR code reader to see what happens? :-)

  2. I addressed that very topic in an e-mail exchange with someone yesterday.

    My guess is targeting calibration for a space-based, kinetic weapon system. The nickname for the American version is “the rods from God”. If you look at the grouping of explosions in one of the other photos (not shown above), it looks as if they are now able to target a building the size of a department store with about 80 percent accuracy.

    The layout of the overal area makes it seem to be the Chinese version of “Area 51”.


    All that said, you are probably right that some people will soon ascribe it to “ancient aliens”.

  3. Way to go, China, promoting that book! :-)

  4. It puts me in mind of the crack pot who, a few years back, claimed he had found Atlantis in the Andes. As “proof” he was showing aerial photos of what he claimed was the “harbor, ” and “…clearly man-made.”

    So, in the course of their program on this, The Discovery Channel (or maybe History Channel, I cannot recall which right now) flew down there with him and a camera crew. It was man-made, alright. It was a modern slurry pond for a gold mining operation.

    Laugh? I thought I’d die.

  5. Could be many things, I just hate it when someone says it ABSOLUTELY can’t be a specific thing, especially someone with great intelligence.

  6. It can indeed be a great many things, but it is absolutely not of alien origin. :)

  7. Bob,

    The other photo (linked from the end of your post, but not shown above) is of better quality than a similar photo that I saw two days ago. Therefore, I can add some observations that are fresh.

    1. Assuming that the satellite image is aligned to true north (“map north”), it appears that the squares on the ground are aligned to magnetic north. (I have not confirmed this.) To me, this underscores the possibility that this is a testing ground for a satellite-based weapon.

    2. There are several green cargo trucks (likely the Chinese military equivalent of our “deuce and a half”) parked in the middle of the “roadways” — halfway between squared. (From the photo that I saw two days ago, I had presumed that thsquares were buldings. But, this better photo seems to indicate that the squares are designs that are somehow burnned otho the ground.) The presence of these trucks, and their positions, again adds to my belief that this is a target range for a space-based weapon.

    3. Almost dead-center in the photo there is an apparent blast pattern burned into the ground. From its shape, it appears to me that there was another truck there, and that the truck was totally destroyed by the blast. The reason for the truck belief is that the blast pattern apparently was deflected in the middle. (The source of the explosion was to the truck’s right, and the blast went out from right to left. This is very interesting, because blasts normally radiate in a sphere, unless something causes the blast to change shape.)

  8. More observations. (There is a limit to how much one can post in one comment, lest the screen starts jumping around at every keystroke.)

    There appear to be three separate burn patterns near the center of the photo. Two burned white-hot. The third (going from right to left) seems to have burned not quite so hot. (By the way, my examination of a blast pattern at a vehicle bombing in 2004 helped to unravel the story of what happened. It turned out to be a suicide, elaborately staged to appear as a terrorist attack.)

    The oblong object near the top of the photo could be an antenna. If it is, and if it is for a beam weapon, then it is still pointed at the third burn mark. (If this is a test range, then perhaps they use it to test more than one type of exotic weapon. The arrangement reminds me of some declassified footage that I saw, about 30 years ago, of USAF laser-based weapons. Yep, they do exist. The footage was of a laser mounted atop a specially-configured cargo jet. It took out a jet drone, in flight, while the two aircraft were on different headings. Now, consider how much technology has improved during the past 30 years.)

  9. Very interesting problem!

  10. i found this a year and a half ago on goggle earth and no one believed me. now it’s big news =(

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