bent meyer, mars hill church elder fired by mark driscoll, speaks out

Don't drink Mark Driscoll's Mars Hill Kool-Aid

Don't drink Mark Driscoll's Mars Hill Kool-Aid

One of the elders fired by Mark Driscoll in 2007 has spoken out. You can read the comments by Bent Meyer here at the Wartburg Watch. The entire article is worth a read.

With all of the turmoil that Mark Driscoll has brought upon his Mars Hill church franchise in recent months (see the exposé by Matthew Paul Turner here), including his highly suspect and cult-like disciplinary tactics meant to shame and humiliate any who would not submit to his authority and/or might threaten to leave his church, it is important to get the back story from those who know it best.

A portion of Meyer’s response reads:

The downside is Mark’s pathology shows up in ways that are impulsive, aggressive, irascible, shut off from effective relational influence, and most apparent not respectful and submissive to anyone, though he claims otherwise.

I have hoped and still hope for something short of him destroying himself that would bring about substantial change for this ever increasing population of worshiper. Some have fretted there will be a great loss of Christians with the demise of Mark and/or the Church. I don’t think so. The church that comprises all of us will survive. The chaff will be blown away, but the church will remain.

Bent Meyer is a good man, and his voice should be heard in this matter. Read it here.


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  1. Weren’t we just praising for Steve Jobs for this type of thing? He created a church, didn’t he?

  2. huh? no. let’s not confuse a loyal customer base of committed mac users utilizing their products to think openly and creatively about the world in which we live, and an authoritarian-based religious cult franchise led by a sex-obsessed despot who uses shame and humiliation to keep you in his church and submitting to his authority.
    steve jobs was not relligious. mark driscoll abuses it. big difference.

  3. […] You can read Dr. Cargill’s thoughts here, as well as other links on the matter. […]

  4. Hello Bob,

    Thanks for your post on this matter. It is important to make people aware of spiritual abuse by leaders in the church. It is painful to hear the accounts of those wounded.

    You might be interested in my doctoral research on this topic and my book entitled: Spiritual Abuse Recovery.

    My website is:

    Barb Orlowski, D.Min.

  5. Thanx Barb!

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