ARRRGGGHHH: the ramblings of an idiot

Rick Santorum said words yesterday, which means there’s a good chance he threw logic and facts to the wind and simply made stuff up.

Really? 4000 years of human history? That’s ‘traditional marriage’? Rosemary Joyce at Psychology Today has some pesky facts that speak to this claim. (HT: Morag Kersel)

And 4000 years? That’s as long as humans have been on the earth? Even fundies think the earth is older than that! Or is that how long humans have been getting ‘married’? And marriage between one man and one woman is ‘biblical’ marriage? Really? I’ve dealt with this fantasy before.

Likewise, hasn’t slavery also been around for most of those 4000 years? Is that his argument: because we’ve done it all throughout human history, we should continue to do so?

Where on earth is he getting his facts? Actually…don’t answer that. It may smell like…well…Rick Santorum.

Rick Santorum needs to learn the difference between the loss of a previously exclusive privilege and persecution. Asking people of faith to treat others as they would be treated themselves is not persecution. Demanding that a large group not suppress the civil rights of a smaller group is not ‘intolerance,’ just like a police officer arresting an assailant is not ‘intolerance’ against the ‘right’ to assault people.

When the U.S. decided that it was wrong to, oh…let’s say, own other people, implementing the law emancipating slaves is not intolerant of the southern, slave-holding way of life. Rather, it is the loss of a previously exclusive (and unethical) privilege of southern slave holders. Southern plantation owners were not being ‘discriminated against’ when they were told that owning people was no longer legal, they were simply being told that what they had been doing for generations prior to that is highly discriminatory and flat-out wrong, and the state finally recognized this and remedied it, despite the fact that the Bible clearly endorsed slavery (Eph. 6:5; Col. 3:22; Tit. 2:9; 1 Pet. 2:18), and despite the fact that slavery had been around for ‘4000 years of human history.’

This is pandering to religious conservatives at its best. For the Christian argument that demonstrates why it’s OK for Christians to support the legalization of same-sex marriage, and if you’re really looking for a Biblical basis for at least allowing the state to pass laws legalizing same-sex marriage, read here. (Warning: it’s long, rooted in the biblical text, and full of pesky facts and reason, so be prepared to think.) And if you still can’t get over it, try this.

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  2. I don’t care for Santorum’s politics. I also don’t care for this entire debate. I think the marriage question should be kept out of politics altogether. Leave the “marriage” issue to churches. If the state wants to recognize civil unions, fine. But leave “marriage” to the churches, synagogues, mosques, etc. Think about how the conversation would change. I personally don’t like folks redefining the sacred covenant of Christian marriage, but I don’t think the way to address this is through the courts or hateful discourse. The way this is being handled not only trumps the constitutional rights of others, it also prevents others from hearing the rational (and loving) concern of those (esp. Christians) who believe God’s design from the beginning was for marriage to be between one man and one woman. Jesus confirms this. So, the way to defend it best is by living it out and keeping the issue out of politics. That’s my opinion.

  3. Christians in America like to complain about being persecuted to make us feel better about the fact that we’re not.

    We see in the Bible that the world is supposed to hate us, so we pretend that we’re very much put upon so that we don’t have to think about WHY we’re not being hated by the world.

    That we hold all of the power and privilege should make us more uncomfortable than it does.

  4. agreed. and, santorum is nuts for trying to drag social issues into this election cycle. if the conversation stays about the economy, the gop has a chance. but if santorum drags social issues into a debate where obama is vulnerable on the economy, he’ll get re-elected (easily). the problem is that santorum can’t beat romney on the economy, so he has to pander to the religious for any votes at all.

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  6. Sanatorium was winging it. 4000? Where did that come from? Even the faithful believe the world of Adam and Eve came into being 4004 BCE which makes “human history” 6016 years. Or, did I miss something?

  7. ARRRGGGHHH only begins to express the dismay that one feels when a bigoted, global-warming/evolution/science-denialist is among the leadership of the GOP, but even more distressing is that fact that such a significant portion of our population buy into his horse pucky. It seems clear that Santorum gets his talking points from Faux News.

  8. I think possibly only bigots and racists could call themselves victims, when the myriads they’ve been racist and/or bigoted towards, finally call them out on their attitudes!

    I did like the little reference to the “one man/one woman : nuhh uhhh” of the bible. I find it constantly fascinating that so many avowed christians who base their entire faith on reading a book, in fact haven’t actually read the book in question. Sure, for some, it’s a matter of cherry-picking the “nice” bits; but I’ve met a number of christians who were truly amazed when they found out what some (actually important) parts of the bible instruct/allow them to do to people less fortunate than themselves.

    That’s why I call it the “Babble” in jest. You really can convince yourself of absolutely any point of view in that mess of fiction. The sad thing is, so many people do just that. Santorum’s obviously never read the good bits, only what he’s been told to read.

  9. Does anyone remember the ‘santorum amendment’ ? For those that do, you shouldn’t be surprised by anything he says.

    It’s curious how some folk claim to want smaller govt…’til it comes to peeking into other folks bedrooms and marriages.


  10. I look at the centuries of persecution before Constantine granted religious freedom to Christians, and I look at the “persecution” modern-day Christians are suffering, and I really want to hurl. These tyrants who label standing up to their tyranny “persecution” are an insult to the thousands of men and women who were beaten, strangled, stabbed, beheaded, burned…and yet who went to their fate with joy in their hearts, and not with the bitterness with which these bigots–and I’m sorry, but if the shoe fits…–constantly whine when their “right” to treat others as cruelly as or even more cruelly than Christians were treated for three hundred years is contested. And where’s the reason here? Where is this bit about equating a centuries-old religion that was founded when people believed the sun orbited the earth and whales were fish with reason?

  11. Dr Bob – the following link adds to the “arrrrrg factor”:

    We must get government off peoples backs and back into their bedrooms !

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