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  1. I am phora that suggestion.

  2. Love it! I vote for it…sounds kind of good, and imagine the teeshirts…

  3. Perhaps “Photi-pot”?#

    The name is Photipot, Tilapia Photipot.

    And a double groan for Raymond…

    # For anyone unfamiliar, that’s from the old saw about spelling ‘fish’ using the phonetic letters :
    – ph from telePHone
    – o from wOmen
    – ti from tradiTIonal
    ## Not as good as the original, I know…

  4. […] some of the photos are of the replicas of the ossuaries that have been made on the basis of photos. Cargill also makes a pun, suggesting that perhaps we should call it the Tilapia Tomb.Joan Taylor on the ASOR blog and also Tom Verenna suggested that the image might be of an […]

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