it’s a miracle! i’m now a believer.

This morning, while I was making toast, I received what I believe to be a sign from God.

The “Sign of Jonah” appeared on my morning toast, irrefutable evidence that Simcha Jacobovici and Dr. James Tabor are correct about their claim to have discovered an ossuary with a ‘great fish’ inscribed on it, offering the “the earliest archaeological record of Christians ever found.”

My young daughter said that it looked like a fish, so it passed the “Talitha test,” thereby confirming that it’s a fish.

Note very natural pats of butter all around the edges. Unfortunately, my tech assistant accidentally rotated the toast 90 degrees to make it fit better on the plate, but if you would have bought my book and read it, you’d have known that it’s disoriented.

The "Sign of Jonah" appears on toast.

The "Sign of Jonah" appears on toast.

8 Responses

  1. And as the principle in Monty Python common law goes, ‘if it toasts like a fish and butters like a fish and tastes like toast with butter, and looks like a lady in a dress at 45% clockwise surrounded by marshmellow clouds, it’s a fish…’ :-)

  2. Call me a sceptic, but unless it also quacks like a fish, I’m not persuaded.

  3. i just don’t know what to say anymore. after viewing the video you posted, and seeing the absolutely oblivious, bordering on delusional characterization of the scholarly response, perhaps all we can do is expose it and jest about it. because that’s all it is – jest. at least dr. tabor is trying to be professional about it. simcha just denies that there is any other interpretation, mischaracterizes the scholarly response, and looks for an angle to claim victimization.

    as george costanza says:

  4. That’s true. That’s why the mythtics aren’t ‘liars’ because they believe their muddle. The problem with the shower in focus is they have an inability to distinguish between truth and their fantasy world. Or they are unable to tell the truth. By the way is BW3 in on this one too? Or did the last one burn him… Credo quia absurdum (sorry – that is a lie) :-)

  5. Six hundred years ago, the books, documentaries, and photos would have been believed without hesitation by the staggering, overwhelming majority of believers. Of course, they would have been in a different format (bound illuminated vellum, hand-painted ‘artist’s renditions’, and so on), but the authors would have been praised and touted the whole length and breadth of Christendom. Nay-sayers would have been ostracised (even if ostrakos weren’t known then) without remorse.

    This is the wrong age for miracles. The proponents of the ‘fish’ seem to be in some confusion about this fact.

    Just because it’s said, doesn’t mean it’s true. Just because a pitiful few professionals have sided with the authors doesn’t mean what they propose is true, when the vast, overwhelming majority of professionals hold diametrically opposite views.

    And just because two people want to believe it’s veracity doesn’t mean they don’t know they’re wrong. Archaeological topsy-turvyism, or bloody-minded personal willingness to belive?

    Dr Bob, I do hope you’re over your “paradigm-collapse trauma”. Oh, wait, you’ve seen a fish in your toasted breakfast bakery product… Caloo, calay, you’re a believer now too! Now you can project all your weaknesses onto others and call yourself a film maker!

  6. You know, if you rotate your toasted fish 90 degrees to the left, it looks like a pear shaped woman wearing a dress… maybe that is what is on the ossuary… a large woman wearing a decorated toga standing on her head… you never know… it could be… maybe…

  7. Bob,
    The pats of butter sure look like five pita breads. Perhaps it is a sign on the feeding of the five thousand that all four gospels mention! The little boy had five barley loaves and two small fish. Did you perchance see if the second fish was on the reverse side?

  8. […] in professional conversation about the “Jonah Ossuary.” Several of us (including me here and here and Dr. Tabor here) have made use of humor, parody, and satire at times in our […]

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